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Asian dating: Dos and don’ts

Asian dating can be lots of fun and it’s a perfect opportunity to meet beautiful women from an amazing part of the world. However, as with every type of dating, there are a few unwritten rules that you will need to follow if you want your relationship to grow into a healthy and long-lasting one.…

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Romantic weekend ideas for you and your Chinese wife

There’s nothing quite like a romantic weekend away, so treat your Chinese wife to some special time away to promote a really happy relationship. We all need a change of scenery every now and then but getting away with your partner for a romantic weekend break can work wonders for any relationship. It provides an…

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How to express your love for your Asian match when you are too shy

Being shy can be a little problematic at the start of any relationship but knowing how to express your feelings towards your Asian match is important. When you find your perfect Asian match online, being shy can make things a little tricky. However, whether you’re a bit nervous or an introvert, there are ways of…

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Traditional summer drinks worth enjoying with your Chinese woman

If you’re dating a Chinese woman, then no doubt you are already having a great summer. But why not make things extra-special by treating her to a traditional Chinese drink? China in the summertime can be incredibly hot and humid, and so the Chinese know some great traditional drink recipes that help cool them down…

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