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Asian customs and traditions that you should know when dating an Asian lady

Dating an Asian lady is fantastic; they’re fun, beautiful, loyal and interesting women who make for great partners. However, their customs and traditions are a lot different to those of the western world in some cases, and specifically when it comes to dating, there are a few things you really should be aware of when…

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Best Thanksgiving congratulations from Chinese singles to you

If you live in America, then you’re probably starting to get really excited for Thanksgiving. There are lots of Chinese singles who are also excited for you and wishing to spread their own celebratory messages. Thanksgiving in the US takes place in November. It will see people the length and breadth of the country enjoying…

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Singles’ Day in China: how do Chinese ladies celebrate it?

On November, 11 this year, Chinese ladies will celebrate Singles’ Day. But just how do they celebrate this special day? Young Chinese ladies celebrate Singles’ Day to acknowledge their pride in being just that – single. It’s highly unlikely that they want to be single forever, but it is an acknowledgement that they do not…

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Asian dating: Dos and don’ts

Asian dating can be lots of fun and it’s a perfect opportunity to meet beautiful women from an amazing part of the world. However, as with every type of dating, there are a few unwritten rules that you will need to follow if you want your relationship to grow into a healthy and long-lasting one.…

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Great dating advice from Asian women to Western men

Chinese woman

If you’re looking to attract your dream woman, then what matter than some dating advice from Asian women? Asian women are known around the world for their natural beauty and engaging personalities. If you dream of meeting and perhaps marrying one, then you will need to make sure that your dating game is on-point. So,…

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Summer festivals in China worth celebrating with your Asian lady

Very few countries in the world do festivals quite as well as China, so why not pack your bags and celebrate some of these great events with your Asian lady. Festivals across Asia are renowned for their incredible color, music, food and family atmosphere. China has some fantastic festivals throughout the summer to enjoy and…

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Ten things that will make your Asian bride trust you more

Asian bride

Trust is a vital commodity in any relationship, and so building that trust between you and your Asian bride must be a high priority. Whenever you get into a relationship, there is a chance that your partner will have been burnt before in a previous relationship. As a result, she may not find it easy…

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Spring in Asia: What do Asian singles love to do in this season?

Asian singles

Spring in Asia is a magical time, as flowers begin to bloom and the weather warms up, Asian singles head back outside to enjoy the seasonal colors. Wherever you are in the world, springtime brings with it a lifting of the gloom and puts a little ‘spring’ into everyone’s steps. In Asia, it’s no different,…

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Signs that your Asian wife is happy with you

Now that you have settled down with your Asian wife, or perhaps bride-to-be, how can you recognise that she is truly happy with you? It’s natural in any relationship for you to question whether your partner is genuinely happy in the relationship with you, and whether love is blossoming. It’s no different with your Asian…

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Amazing ways to celebrate St. Valentine’s day with your Asian bride

St Valentine’s Day is arguably the most romantic and loved-filled occasion in the annual calendar of any couple. Relationships throughout the world are celebrated and partnerships cemented further with acts of affection, attentiveness, and romance. Whether you are able to be together or geography keeps you apart, there are some fantastic ways for you to…

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