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5 Things To Know About Dating Asian Women

While there are things you should generally know about dating, there are more specific things you should know about dating Asian women. So, whether you have just made an account on an Asian dating site, or you are interested in making an account on an Asian dating site, you should know these five things, about dating Asian women, prior to going on your first Asian date.

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Do Not Assume That They Speak an Asian Language

The first thing you should know about dating Asian women is that you should not assume that they can speak an Asian language. While many Asian women grow up speaking an Asian language in their house, you should not assume that all Asian ladies grew up the same way. Also, it is important to remember that it is offensive, when on an Asian date if you try to speak a given Asian language in a stereotypical way.

Family is Extremely Important to Asian Women

From the beginning of their lives, Asian singles are taught that family is the most important thing in their lives. So, if you want to date Asian women, keep in mind that they have a very tight-knit relationship with their families. You need to learn to understand that the biggest life decisions she has made were approved by her family first. If you are not of the same culture that she is, her family will most likely initially disapprove of you. This will be difficult for her, but she is used to it. Overall, when dating Asian ladies, you have to be mindful and listen to her family drama. But, you should always encourage her to mend ties with her family. After all, they are the most important people to her.

Do Not Be Afraid To Try the New Food She Gives You

On at least one Asian date, you can expect to eat something out of your ordinary diet. You should not be turned off from the food, or refuse to eat it. Instead of being closed-minded, you should welcome the idea of trying new things. Even if you hate the meal she gives you, at least try it. She will appreciate that you at least tried it. Overall, keep in mind that Asian women have slightly different diets than the typical Western diet. This is due to their culture, and the way they were brought up. So, above all, expect to eat spicier foods than usual.

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Do Not Fetishize Her

The worst thing you could possibly do, while dating Asian women, is worship them. All Asian women are aware that they are constantly worshipped. So, they aren’t looking for a partner who is going to make them feel like an object. Also, never use the phrase, “Asian persuasion”. Asian women are aware of the way that phrase is used, and they don’t appreciate it.

Asian Women Are Health Conscious

Finally, while dating Asian singles, you should keep in mind that they are extremely health conscious. This is another thing that can be attributed to her culture, and the way she was raised. From a very young age her mother, as well as many other family members, most likely criticized something about her health. Maybe it was her weight, a certain aspect of her appearance, her diet, or even her workout habits. Since then, she has most likely focused on maintaining the best health she possibly can. So, if you are someone who enjoys a lot of fatty and processed foods, doesn’t have a moderate level of physical activity, or a general sense and consciousness of your health, then you either have to be willing to change your habits to date Asian women.