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Qi from Shenyang, China
27 y.o.
Jing from Fushun, China
36 y.o.
Zhu from Fushun, China
39 y.o.
Xin from Xinmin, China
26 y.o.
Tongyuan from Shenyang, China
25 y.o.
Shuang from Zhuanghe, China
29 y.o.
Huan (Selma) from Xinmin, China
28 y.o.
Hanxi from Pulandian, China
25 y.o.
Jing from Shenyang, China
31 y.o.
Wanqing from Huludao, China
27 y.o.
Jialin from Fushun, China
26 y.o.
Xin from Heihe, China
26 y.o.
Ruochen from Panjin, China
27 y.o.
Suixin from Hailun, China
26 y.o.
Xuefei from Jiaohe, China
25 y.o.
Lishi from Qitaihe, China
28 y.o.

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