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Feb 13, 2018

Valentine’s Amazing Double Deal is here!

We are delighted to announce that Valentine’s Day has finally arrived and our long-awaited Double-Deal is now valid for you on our website! Mind-blowing savings and discounts are available for 24 hours only!

Today, on February 14th only, you are welcome to enjoy reduced prices for ALL CREDITS - 10% off! Why wait? Hurry up to start buying credits to claim the discount and save on credits!

Are you ready to chat non-stop with the most gorgeous ladies ever? Because our Valentine’s Chat Marathon has now launched! Beautiful single ladies are waiting for you online to find their matches and fall in love! Enjoy romantic conversations live today and get  a FREE Live Chat minute for every 10-minute period of your current Live Chat or Live Video Chat or 2-way Live Video Chat session with the same lady.*
Xuanhe from liaoyuan, China
ID: 46200
Feb 07, 2018

You're welcome to meet Xuanhe, the newest profile on the site!

Yue from fushun, China
ID: 46203
Feb 07, 2018

You're welcome to meet Yue, the newest profile on the site!

Feb 06, 2018

Chinese New Year & Chinese Spring Festival!

 We are happy to let you know that the most popular, beloved and significant Chinese holidays of the year - Chinese New Year (February 16th) and Chinese Spring Festival - are coming soon!

Traditionally, the Chinese Spring Festival lasts for a week; in 2018 it will take place on February 15th (Chinese New Year's Eve) - February, 21st. Chinese people cherish Spring Festival as much as Western people love, value and anticipate Christmas. This holiday season is full of beautiful traditions, colorful ceremonies and celebrations. People make wishes, believe in miracles and congratulate each other wishing lots of happiness, joy and love! 

For Chinese people, it is a wonderful tradition to exchange nice and cute gifts during the Spring Festival; so, this festival can be another amazing way to surprise your Chinese lady. This romantic gesture will show how much you care for her and wish you all the best!

Therefore, do not miss to get ready for the holiday and surprise your special lady with a lovely gift or tender flowers. We invite you to visit the Flowers & Gift Delivery Service Gallery to find and order a perfect compliment for your precious Chinese lady to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, new happiness and new hopes together!

Happy Chinese New Year & Spring Festival!
Feb 01, 2018

Grab the best Valentine’s Double-Deal on February 14th!

Valentine’s Day is coming very soon so we’ve prepared a special gift for you. This is something we have never offered before.
On February 14th only, you’ll be offered a unique opportunity to make two fantastic savings. With our great St. Valentine’s Double Offer you will get:

- 10% off all credits packages!
- Every 11th Live Chat / Live Video Chat / 2-Way Live Video Chat minute FOR FREE!

This special offer will be valid for all members of the website for one day only - February 14th from 00:00 to 23:59 EST
Don’t miss your chance to celebrate this St. Valentine’s Day with your sweethearts and make the most of our thrilling offer! Enjoy lots of romance and joy on the day and think of all the deep feelings and unforgettable experiences to come!

Caixia from Tonghua, China
ID: 46081
Jan 31, 2018

You're welcome to meet Caixia, the newest profile on the site!

Peijuan from fushun, China
ID: 46204
Jan 29, 2018

You're welcome to meet Peijuan, the newest profile on the site!

Jiayi (Wendy) from Fushun, China
ID: 41370
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Jiayi (Wendy), the newest profile on the site!

Ruonan from Beijing, China
ID: 46207
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Ruonan, the newest profile on the site!

Ying (Viola) from Jinzhou, China
ID: 41583
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Ying (Viola), the newest profile on the site!

Hongyue from Benxi, China
ID: 46210
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Hongyue, the newest profile on the site!

Xiaotong (Wendy) from Fuxin, China
ID: 41524
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Xiaotong (Wendy), the newest profile on the site!

Lishi from Qitaihe, China
ID: 46209
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Lishi, the newest profile on the site!

Suixin from Hailun, China
ID: 46211
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Suixin, the newest profile on the site!

Linmei (Zara) from Liaoyang, China
ID: 41463
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Linmei (Zara), the newest profile on the site!

Aixin (Miriam) from Tangshan, China
ID: 41528
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Aixin (Miriam), the newest profile on the site!

Xiaoqing (Zoe) from Changyi, China
ID: 41565
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Xiaoqing (Zoe), the newest profile on the site!

JiaYin (Zora) from Jinzhou, China
ID: 41568
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet JiaYin (Zora), the newest profile on the site!

Yuanping from Pulandian, China
ID: 46186
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Yuanping, the newest profile on the site!

Hanxi from Pulandian, China
ID: 46208
Jan 26, 2018

You're welcome to meet Hanxi, the newest profile on the site!

Meng from Fushun, China
ID: 46189
Jan 25, 2018

You're welcome to meet Meng, the newest profile on the site!

Ruochen from Panjin, China
ID: 46190
Jan 25, 2018

You're welcome to meet Ruochen, the newest profile on the site!

Qi from Shenyang, China
ID: 46191
Jan 25, 2018

You're welcome to meet Qi, the newest profile on the site!

Jialin from Fushun, China
ID: 46192
Jan 25, 2018

You're welcome to meet Jialin, the newest profile on the site!

Xuefei from Jiaohe, China
ID: 46193
Jan 25, 2018

You're welcome to meet Xuefei, the newest profile on the site!

Jing from Fushun, China
ID: 46215
Jan 24, 2018

You're welcome to meet Jing, the newest profile on the site!