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Jiaxin (Tang) from Xi`an, China
ID: 53319
Jan 25, 2023

You're welcome to meet Jiaxin (Tang), the newest profile on the site!

Zhuo from Chengdu, China
ID: 53314
Jan 24, 2023

You're welcome to meet Zhuo (Zhuo), the newest profile on the site!

Chaoxia (Xia) from Xi`an, China
ID: 53308
Jan 24, 2023

You're welcome to meet Chaoxia (Xia), the newest profile on the site!

Yuan (Yuan) from Taiyuan, China
ID: 53303
Jan 20, 2023

You're welcome to meet Yuan (Yuan), the newest profile on the site!

Yaqi (Qi) from Taiyuan, China
ID: 53304
Jan 20, 2023

You're welcome to meet Yaqi (Qi), the newest profile on the site!

Watcharaporn from Bangkok, Thailand
ID: 53321
Jan 20, 2023

You're welcome to meet Watcharaporn, the newest profile on the site!

Jan 18, 2023

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Asian singles!

Dear Customers,

It is widely known that Chinese people celebrate New Year not in January like the rest of the world, but according to their own traditions. Lunar New Year is typically celebrated for 16 days starting on the eve of the celebration, this year falling on January 21, 2023. It is followed by 15 days of the Chinese New Year from January 22 to February 9. This year, we usher in the Year of the Black Rabbit!


For all people who live in China or have Chinese roots, these holidays are very important and loved. New Year holidays are accompanied with lots of light shows, fireworks etc. The whole country is decorated with lights and all the people who have a chance to see China these days will be impressed by the beauty of the country.

We are sure that you respect traditions of your Asian single and would be glad to join the celebration. A good possibility to bring her joy is to send her a nice gift from our Flowers & Gift Delivery Service Gallery, where you can find a wide range of nice and pleasant things to celebrate her and make the holiday special.

A virtual gift or a virtual card with your warmest wishes will also be appreciated by your Asian beloved and definitely will make her day. Join the celebration and share the traditions of your Asian beauty online, surprise her and express her your love and care.

Happy Chinese New Year!
Ju from Kunming, China
ID: 53287
Dec 29, 2022

You're welcome to meet Ju, the newest profile on the site!

Caihan (Han) from Chengdu, China
ID: 53272
Dec 29, 2022

You're welcome to meet Caihan (Han), the newest profile on the site!

Dec 16, 2022

Christmas Time Bonus Marathon 2022!  Create that Christmas feeling with us!

8891152827f880dc.jpgChristmas is a season of anticipation. Every day brings us a little closer to the Christmas miracle, wonderful surprises, and getting together with our loved ones.
We want to make the days of December especially exciting and thrilling. That’s why we’ve prepared lots of gifts for you.
Starting from December 17th and up to December 25th, we will give all our customers special Christmas presents (Sale offers).
A new day - a new gift!

Each offer will be valid for 24 hours only, 00:00 – 23:59 EST!
Among the many gifts, you will be able to send your clips or view ladies’ clips at special price in the Live Chats, receive bonuses for purchasing credits, send Virtual Gifts, and watch ladies’ videos at lower prices!  
But… to receive your special gift you have to open a new day in our ADVENT CALENDAR which will appear every day as soon as you log into your profile on the site!
Then the day’s special offer will be activated for your account!

Don’t forget to join our Christmas Time Bonus Marathon!  
Supicha from Bangkok, Thailand
ID: 53099
Dec 05, 2022

You're welcome to meet Supicha, the newest profile on the site!

Jianing (Lily) from Guangzhou, China
ID: 53239
Nov 29, 2022

You're welcome to meet Jianing (Lily), the newest profile on the site!

Nov 24, 2022

The Black Friday Sale is now on! Come and join us!

1ad920330fc5fc4e.jpgToday is November 25th and as promised the Black Friday Sale is here for 24 hours only!

The Black Friday Sale day is incredibly popular all over the world and our site is no exception because we have joined in and decided to impress our customers with super offers.

Today only, 00:00 – 23:59 EST, you will have the perfect chance to save money and have a great time with your lady as well.

You are welcome to use today’s special offers from us:

1) 20 credits + 10% bonus;
2) 160 credits + 10% bonus;
3) 320 credits + 10% bonus.
Just click Buy Credits to purchase one of these packages and get your bonus credits!
We want to make this day bright and full of communication for you. Don’t miss out on this great chance!  Remember, you have limited time to use our  special offers!
Nov 22, 2022

The Black Friday Sale! November 25th only! Don’t miss out!

8b7bd4c0710727a4.pngAre you waiting for most fantastic discounts of the year? We just can’t disappoint you! That’s why we are happy to announce that very soon, on November 25th, our Super Black Friday Sale will be available!  It is an excellent chance for you to profit from the offer, save money and receive as much communication and as many positive emotions  as possible with the ladies on our site.  

So, the following offers will be waiting for you on November 25th, 00:00 – 23:59 EST:

1) 20 credits + 10% bonus;
2) 160 credits + 10% bonus;
3) 320 credits + 10% bonus.
Just purchase one of the credits packages to get 10% bonus credits!
This is a great event that you shouldn’t miss out on! The best ladies and the best prices will be awaiting you! Don’t hesitate, it will be great! Just visit us on that day to enjoy our fantastic offers! 
Nov 02, 2022

New blog post added!

Themed Dates for International Couples

When it comes to getting together with someone, having things in common is hugely important. International couples have to enjoy spending time together and more importantly they need to share interests. This is where themed online dating for international couples can really make a difference. So, if you are dating online and have met someone…
Viktoriia from Odessa, Ukraine
ID: 53106
Oct 31, 2022

You're welcome to meet Viktoriia, the newest profile on the site!

Oct 30, 2022

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the Halloween Sale offers right now!

266f274c5189c685.jpgTrick or treat! Halloween 2022 is here!

We are happy to announce that our super Halloween offers are already valid and you are welcome to use them today only, 00:00 – 23:59 EST!

So, today you can enjoy:

33% OFF all Virtual Gifts – pay 10 instead of 15 credits to show your affection!

- 10% OFF in Live Chat - every 11th minute in the Live Chat FOR FREE to spend more time together! 

- 10% OFF in Live Video Chat - every 11th minute in the Live Video Chat FOR FREE to enjoy her beauty! 

All you need to do is to click one of the Halloween Ghosts on the sale pop up to get your personal Halloween offer!
Let’s make this holiday fun and happy for you and your soul mate. Enjoy our services to the fullest and spend the whole day together. Don’t delay and join our sale right now!
Oct 27, 2022

No tricks! Only treats! The Halloween Sale is coming!

f9858b4ec27f75d9.jpgScary Halloween on the 31st of October is getting closer. It’s a time when everybody gets really excited about trick or treat and candy bags. We also have some treats and pleasant surprises for you because we’ve prepared a new super SALE exclusively for this site's customers!

Are you interested in what you will receive if you join us on October 31st?

Ok, meet our Halloween Treats:

33% OFF all Virtual Gifts – pay 10 instead of 15 credits!
- 10% OFF in Live Chat - every 11th minute in the Live Chat FOR FREE!
- 10% OFF in Live Video Chat - every 11th minute in the Live Video Chat FOR FREE! 
Win one of these offers on October 31st. All you need to do is to click one of the Halloween Ghosts on the sale pop up to get your special Halloween offer which will be one of three available!
Don’t miss these special deals, available only on October 31st, 00:00 – 23:59 EST, to wish your lady Happy Halloween!  
Oct 25, 2022

New blog post added!

What Asian Singles Do On Halloween

Halloween has really become a special day in the calendar and in recent years, it has become a celebration that is much like other big, important days of the year. It is not just ghouls and ghosts you want to keep a look out for because Asian singles on the lookout for love too. Halloween…
Juan from Beihai, China
ID: 53109
Oct 14, 2022

You're welcome to meet Juan, the newest profile on the site!

Oct 13, 2022

New blog post added!

Value of Trust in Overseas Relationships

After tedious searching, you eventually found someone worth spending the rest of your life with. But due to unavoidable circumstances, you find yourselves separated by thousands of miles. It doesn’t matter how much you love each other. There is always that part of you that wonders whether your overseas relationship will survive. This is where…
Sep 28, 2022

New blog post added!

How to Keep Your Safety in Online Dating

The introduction of the internet and online dating has made it easier for people to connect across the world and with that has come the ability to meet new people. Despite this, anything that takes place online comes with a risk because there are people out there who are looking to undertake a criminal activity…
Sep 21, 2022

New blog post added!

How to Be Romantic during a Video Chat

Overseas romance has come a long way over the years. Initially, the only way to bond with your mate was by calling them. Now you have texting and video chat applications that help you get connected. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship being romantic while having a video chat can come in handy. Most…
Sep 15, 2022

Introduce yourself in a video! Profile videos now available!

While a picture speaks a 1000 words, a video speaks 100 times more! Now, you have a great possibility to add your introduction videos to your personal profile. Add your videos to show yourself to the ladies and catch their attention!
The service is totally FREE for you – you just need to go to My Account, upload a video from your device and get an approval.b789a9ddd1ff2a7e.png
While adding your profile videos, please make sure that they meet our requirements:
- Up to 120 MB and 120 sec;
- No website rules violated (no 18+ content, no violence)
- No copyrights violated.
We hope that you’ll enjoy the new feature and attract attention of gorgeous singles to your profile. Have a good time on!
Yujin (Rainy) from Chengdu, China
ID: 53047
Sep 09, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yujin (Rainy), the newest profile on the site!

Na (Nana) from Panzhihua, China
ID: 53049
Sep 09, 2022

You're welcome to meet Na (Nana), the newest profile on the site!

Yu (Jade) from Deyang, China
ID: 53051
Sep 09, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yu (Jade), the newest profile on the site!

Yi from Chengdu, China
ID: 53054
Sep 09, 2022

You're welcome to meet Yi, the newest profile on the site!

Qin from Dazhou, China
ID: 53045
Sep 08, 2022

You're welcome to meet Qin, the newest profile on the site!

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