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I love the customer support team of this website. Whenever I’ve an issue or a question they’re here to help me.

Olavi, Finland
May 2023

I had a great experience using AsianSingles2Day. The site is designed for dating newbies like me but the search function made it simple to find the right girl. I’d consider myself a seasoned dater now!

Wayne, USA
May 2023

Try the lucky mingle service, it’s fun.

Ruggiero, Italy
April 2023

I had an awesome experience using AsianSingles2Day. It has a friendly feel to it and all of the women are real and honest. It doesn’t get any better or easier than this kind of dating!

Jackson, Canada
March 2023

Dear customer support, please delete my profile. I found the woman I was looking for here on the site. Thank you.

Ronny, Germany
March 2023

I wanted to settle down with a nice girl, so I joined Asiansingles2day. After a few days of joining, I got the chance of meeting the most genuine person, and I can’t thank Asiansingles2day enough for their services. The website has real people, and there is no scam. Moreover, the website has the ultimate user experience and functionality.

Rob, Australia
August 2022

Asiansingles2day is the best online dating website. Highly recommend.

Daniel, Czech
July 2022


Today we would like to tell you the love story of Junyi and John who met on our website.

John is a simple man who lived a simple life alone. His three kids had all grown up and lived far away from him. So, John used to sit alone missing someone to hug, someone who would give him a kiss, listen to and understand him; someone who would love him forever. John had been waiting for a long time to have the chance to meet such a person. Having registered on our website, finally his lucky star, Junyi from China, appeared in front of him. She lit up his life so he knew there was no way he could ever let her go. He tried very hard to steal Junyi’s heart and eventually she belonged to him. Now they live happily together and cherish each other and have found the true treasure in their lives!

Junyi and John
June 2022

Hello everyone out there,

We would like to tell you about Lili and Michael’s love story which really is like a true miracle.

Despite the fact that Lili was born into a very traditional Chinese family, there was always care, support, and love between the members. She is a very family-oriented woman herself and although she had been a widow for many years and has a teenage daughter, this did not stop her from wanting to find a beloved man. She was very eager to create a new happy family with a man who would love her and her daughter as his own.

Having considered everything, Lili decided to register on our website. Here she found Michael, a very loving, kind, and gentle man from Australia. Michael is a doctor who loves helping other people and who actually has cured Lili of loneliness.

Michael is a family-oriented person too so they got along as soon as they started texting each other. Michael loves Lili’s daughter and that was the main factor for Lili deciding that he was the very man with whom she was ready to spend her life with.

Lili and Michael
June 2022

Hello everyone out there,

Ten years ago Aaron was divorced and with three kids who are all grown up, it was time for him to start a new life. He adores Asian women, especially Chinese ladies. After being on this site for six months, he found a beautiful Chinese woman, Jingjing, who is pretty, loving and family-oriented. What’s more, Jingjing has deeply touched his heart!

Jingjing is 10 years younger than Aaron but the thought that the age difference might be a problem between them has never occurred to her. She likes Aaron so much and she wants to be with him forever. Aaron treats her as though she is best woman in the world!

They are very happy together!

Jingjing and Aaron

Jingjing and Aaron
May 2022


Today, we would like to tell you the love story of Ben and Qianqian who met on our website.

Ben had been seeking a nice, kind Asian woman for a very long time. He would never have believed it would take so long to be successful in his search. However, the moment he joined this very site, he unexpectedly came across beautiful Qianqian. It might sound like a cliché but he truly fell in love with her at the first sight.

Qianqian is a very cheerful, romantic woman who is full of happiness. In turn, she was seeking a man who would be kind, responsible and reliable. She is a fairly choosy lady but when Ben texted her and told her that she was the ideal type he had been looking for, she felt special and lucky!

Now they have found their own true happiness and love!

Qianqian and Ben

Qianqian and Ben
May 2022

Hello everyone!

We’d like to tell you the story of Meng and Tim who met on our website!

Meng was born in Shenyang, China. She is a very lovely person who works as a manager and has a precious 9-year-old son. Meng was divorced several years before joining the website and was absolutely ready to fall in love again having a great desire to give her son a new and complete family. Her dream man was someone who loved family and that this was a priority for him.

Some time later, Meng came across Tim on the website. He seemed to her to be very loving and romantic and indeed that is was he later turned out to be. They found out that they actually had a lot in common.

Tim was born in Canada, in a big family with five sisters and one brother. He got married twenty years ago but became a widower with two sons. Family is the most important thing to him so he wanted to find an Asian woman who shared the same view. Meng turned out to be his ideal type of woman.

They quickly fell deeply in love and now Meng says that Tim has made her feel stable and safe. Tim in his turn says that their love story is just like a fairy tale.

Meng and Tim
May 2022

Tom and Jie are a perfect couple who are now happily married!

Tom is from the USA; he has three daughters who are all grown-up and living their own lives. He has been single for many years so he wanted to find an Asian lady, who would take care of him, warm and heal his heart and give him all the love she has. Tom found Jie on this website and she had everything he wanted in his woman. With her, Tom feels the happiest he has ever been; she makes him smile every day and is always by his side to help when needed.

Jie is from north China. She is a teacher and has been divorced for five years. Jie has a young daughter who offered her a glimmer of hope after the divorce. She has always wanted to have a happy family, full of love and with each person cherishing every moment spent together. So, Jie decided to find a reliable and responsible man who would be of great support to this small family. Tom appeared to be her ideal type of man who she now loves a lot. In her heart, Tom is her treasure and her diamond!

Tom and Jie
April 2022

We want to tell you the story of Jie and Jeff.

Fate really is a wonderful thing. When we keep searching for someone really hard, we probably will not find them very easily. However, when we are not in a rush to try to find someone to love and be loved by, suddenly they just show up. This happened in our story about Jie and Jeff, a man from Canada and a lady from China.

Jeff had been single for over 10 years and he had become a very lonely and empty person so he tried to find an Asian girl on our site who would be able to heal is heart and make him happy. Jie left a strong and deep impression on him; he just could not forget her. He chased Jie for a long time until finally, they started to date as lovers.

At first, Jie did not take much notice of Jeff because she didn’t believe that he would be serious about her but after sometime she realized that Jeff really did like her so she opened up her heart and fell deeply in love with him as time went by.

Their story continues. Let us hope for the best for them!

Jie and Jeff
March 2022

I am surprised how I met my lady love on asiansingles2day. We started exchanging messages, and the website's live chat and video call services made it easy for both of us to make a strong connection. Asiansingles2day is the best dating site for those who are searching for their soulmates.

David, UK
March 2022
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