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Finding love on this website is so easy! There are lots of brilliant tools, from amazing ways to interact with ladies such as live video chat and messaging, through to great profiles of the women which really help you get a feel for who they are and what they’re like. I found myself looking forward to finding even 10 minutes to time when I could logon and speak to girls – it’s so much fun and so interesting. I’ve not found the ‘one’ yet, but I’m certain I will because the website is full of beautiful women with amazing profiles. 

Angus, the UK
December 2019

Since Tim and Shasha found each other on our site, their life has been really fantastic together! 

Tim comes from the very pretty and romantic city of Paris and he himself is also romantic and very attractive. He has four kids and eight grandchildren and he likes nothing more than getting together with friends and family. He loves to travel as much as he can and has been to China many times because he learned to love the country’s culture and history when he worked in Beijing as a lawyer. Since then, he has also always been fond of Chinese ladies so when he found Shasha on this site, he was really surprised and very happy. Shasha is totally his type of girl so they began to talk and get to know each other. Shasha lit up his life from the moment they met. 

Shasha is single mom with two lovely daughters who all live together in Beijing where Shasha works as a Chinese teacher at Beijing High School. She loves kids and was hoping to find someone who was good with children too. When she found Tim on our site, she told us that he was her Prince Charming and that she felt so lucky to have met him here. 

Now they are going to get married soon!

Tim and Shasha
December 2019

There is no better option than this site to find a Chinese lady for marriage. I am going to Fushun to celebrate Chinese New Year and a year of our relationship with Luifeng. I can’t wait to kiss her instead of sending kissing emojis in chat. I am hopelessly in love!

Alberto, Italy
November 2019

I’d almost resigned myself for having to either be single all my life or settle for a boring American girl from my hometown. It just didn’t excite me. I couldn’t find the special lady who I could genuinely engage with and find interesting. Once I found this website, it transformed my outlook. It’s so easy to use and there are loads of amazing people to meet and speak to. About three weeks in to using the website I began to speak with Jade. She’s from Shanghai and is probably the prettiest and most fun woman I’ve ever known. We hit it off immediately and within a few months, I’d travelled to China to see her. Our relationship is so good.

Aaron, USA
November 2019

Sam and Kate tru­ly love each other and got mar­ried ear­li­er this year.

Sam comes from the beau­ti­ful is­land of New Zea­land where he works as a uni­ver­si­ty pro­fes­sor. he has a love­ly fam­i­ly of five chil­dren and six grandchil­dren but had been sin­gle for many years af­ter the fail­ure of his mar­ri­age. he had been in­ter­est­ed in Chi­nese ladies for a long time then he joined our site and found Kate. he was at­tract­ed by Kate’s beau­ty and love­ly per­so­n­al­i­ty and he has now fall­en dee­p­ly in love with her.

Kate is from a well-ed­u­cat­ed fam­i­ly in Shan­hai where she has a very good job as an ac­coun­tant. she was di­vorced many years ago and shared her life with her 10-year-old son. Then she be­came ready to love again and joined our site where she found Sam. she be­lieves it was fate that they met be­cause now she re­al­ly loves Sam and knows they are go­ing to be to­gether for­ev­er.

Their love sto­ry will nev­er end!

Sam and Kate
November 2019

I am sure that you will not find the site better than this one! Being a businessman means that you don`t have much time to meet someone. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity. Some months ago I started to talk to Mei, a beautiful Chinese lady. We have much in common, our conversations are always interesting and now we are planning to meet in person, the last thing is to find time to do that. Thanks a lot for this site!

Yusuf, Turkey
November 2019

A few years ago I lost my wife and I thought this was the end of love for me.  I did not feel sad, as I had been lucky in my love with Maria.  However, friends and family encouraged me to use your dating services and seek love for a second time.  Imagine my surprise when I met Yang who lived many miles away.  We would never have spoken had it not been for the internet, but now we are together.  What would I have done without this dating service? It is amazing.

Joshua, New Zealand
October 2019

I live in a cool place, but I’d never really met any Asian women. And I love Asian women – they are so stunningly pretty! AsianSingles2Day has allowed me to meet some of these wonderful ladies and very quickly I was fortunate enough to meet Alina. Wow, what a woman she is!
I love her to bits, and she has been over to the US to visit several times already. Her first trip was actually at Thanksgiving and she was so keen to join in with all of the festivities! We met family and friends and had a great time, despite there being a slight language barrier. Experiences like the one this website has presented me with are literally life-changing!

Joe, USA
October 2019

Lily and Tom met on our site and dated for a few months before they decided to plan their wedding next year.

Tom is from New York City, USA and comes from a very well educated family with two older brothers and two younger sisters. He works as a professor at a large renowned university. He had been married for over 30 years and has four grown-up children who all live close to him. He had been looking for an Asian lady for a long time and then, when he found Lily, he felt his life was complete. Lily makes him feel like a very lucky and perfectly happy man now.

Lily lives in the Northeast of China with her only daughter. She is a great mom and has been trying to find a good man to marry and to share and enjoy the rest of her life with. Now she has found Tom who she loves with all her heart, she feels so happy with him.

Lily and Tom
October 2019

After a divorce, I thought it would be a difficult task to find a love one more time. So, I decided to put myself together and to my surprise, among hundreds of profiles, I found a woman, Chuhan. She is really pretty. We have common interests and the same sense of humor. I`m sure that my life becomes better with each day we spend together. Millions thanks to you!

Fernando, Spain
October 2019

Kevin is single father from London, UK with an 18 year old son. Although he has a big family, most of them live far away. He had been single since his wife left him 7 years ago and he felt very lonely so he was looking for a loving Asian wife. When Kevin saw Feng on our site, he felt his heart beat so fast that it took his breath away. He told us that that Feng stole his heart and soul straight away.

He very much wanted a future with her and now he is has been successful. Feng is a loving kind girl from Shenyang in China who is currently working and living in Fushun. She has a daughter aged 7 who she thought would be her everything forever but when she joined our site and found Kevin, she changed, she found new light and new hope again.

She fell in love with Kevin and they kept in touch for a few years and met several times in China. Now they are planning to become one big happy family together.

Kevin and Feng
October 2019

Michael lives in Australia and is father to three kids. He has always worked hard to support his family but now he is ready to find a woman to love and to grow old with. He was really happy when he found Ling on our site and started to write and chat with her. As he got to know more and more about Ling, he fell deeply in love with her and now he never wants to be without her.

Ling is from Fushun in China and is the mom of a 17 years old son. She had been looking for a husband for a long time. When she found Michael on our site, she was really happy and the more she got to know about him, the more sure she felt that they were perfect for each other. They have just become closer and closer and now cannot bear to be apart.

Michael and Ling
October 2019

It’s pretty incredible what this website has given me in life. I joined having been single for nearly two years. I was looking to build some confidence in myself and to meet new people. It was an exciting time in my life having just started a small business of my own – everything was new.

One night, I saw Suyin’s profile and fell in love! Okay, so maybe not in love instantly, but she looked incredible. We began to talk and after a few weeks, things were going really well. We’ve now been together for nearly 18 months and it’s going great. She’s also taught me so much about Chinese culture – so much so that has even helped give me the confidence to conduct some business there!

Andy, Australia
October 2019

Peth and Sha fell in love on our site and now they are happily married.

Peth is from New York in the USA where he is very successful businessman and the father or four grown up kids. He was planning to retire and wanted to marry a pretty Chinese wife. He told us he was really lucky to meet Sha on our site. Since they started to chat, Sha has made him smile a lot and they write to each other all the time. Sha is his whole life.

Sha is from Changsha in China and is a single mom with a fifteen year old son. She is a pretty teacher who joined our site by coincidence. When Peth told her that he liked her a lot, she was really happy and very surprised. She told us that even now, when she thinks about the first time they chatted, she still feel so excited and her heart skips a beat. Peth means everything to her.

Peth and Sha
September 2019

Wow, what an experience and what a website. I recently moved in with the lady of my dreams – Yuan. Yuan is from Shanghai in China and we met using this very website. California is where I’m from, and while there are people from just about every country and culture here, I struggled to find anyone that I could really connect with.

Yuan changed all that. We hit it off instantly and the tools on this website made it so easy for us to keep in touch and to grow our relationship. To be in the position of being able to move in together, well that’s just remarkable.

Steven, USA
September 2019

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