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Ethan and Fang start­ed talk­ing to each other two years ago and say they com­plete­ly fell for each other.

Ethan is 70 years old and has a large fam­i­ly but, be­cause they live a long way from him, he felt very lone­ly a lot of the time. Ethan told us that Fang has been his savior who brings him joy and who makes his life so much bet­ter. Ethan al­so said that, when they met each other in Shenyang in Chi­na, he re­al­ized that Fang was al­so a very car­ing and un­der­s­tand­ing per­son. Now Ethan thanks God ev­ery­day for lett­ing him find such a won­der­ful lady on our web­site.

Fang is a mother of two and a grand­mother to three who has de­vot­ed her whole life to her fam­i­ly. She has al­ways tried to make other peo­ple hap­py but, when her hus­band died, she de­cid­ed it was time to chase her own hap­pi­ness. Then she met Ethan and now she’s to­tal­ly crazy about him even though lan­guage is a huge problem for them. But this bar­ri­er was eas­i­ly over­come with a trans­la­tor’s help, you can see him in the pic­ture. It proves that true love has no ob­s­ta­cles!

They are cur­rent­ly try­ing to build a life here in Chi­na and we wish them a won­der­ful life to­gether.

Ethan and Fang
January 2019

When I found Xi and read her profile, I knew that we were going to be at least close friends! We have so much in common! She’s a very active person, who adores sports and travelling. So do I! That’s why after 3 months of communicating with each other we finally met in China. Shortly afterwards, I proposed to her and she moved to Germany. Now she is my true soulmate, my love and my wife. 

Holger, Germany
January 2019

To­day I would like to share our sto­ry with you.

My name is Xi and I come from Chi­na which is a very nice coun­try. The man I met is called Ben and he is from France. Now he is my fiancé and soon I will go to France to live with him.

We met each other on the dat­ing site. At the very be­gin­n­ing, I did not trust this site and to be hon­est I did not even trust Ben. He lived in another coun­try, a long way away, and I am from a very tra­di­tio­n­al coun­try but he kept chatt­ing to me and, more im­por­tant­ly, he al­so kept writ­ing to me.

Ben is a very charm­ing and at­trac­tive man who is al­so re­al­ly kind. Af­ter we had com­mu­ni­cat­ed for three months, he came to Chi­na to meet me. I was moved that he was pre­pared to do that for our re­la­tion­ship. While he was in Chi­na, he spent ev­ery minute of his time with me. He is very thought­ful and, be­fore he left Chi­na, I had made up my mind that I want­ed to be with him.

He asked me to learn French here in Chi­na and told me that when he was able to, he would come back to Chi­na to vis­it me again and now we are en­gaged to each other. I will go to France to be with Ben soon.

I hope that you can all find the right man for you here too. Good luck to all the ladies on this site!

I think that we should all be­lieve in fate and do not he­s­i­tate to open our hearts to love.


Ben and Xi
January 2019

Mae has been a wonder in my life. I travelled all around Asia and fell in love with the people and wanted to find my way back there to live forever. I started chatting to people on the site, but it was Mae who contacted me. She said she thinks we had met before and I thought this was a funny chat up line. It works out that we had met for an evening when I was in Hong Kong. We haven't stopped messaging each other since. Life is amazing!

Jason, the UK
January 2019

Owen is from the USA and Wany­ing Zhao is from Shenyang in Chi­­na. They met each other on our we­b­site and now they’re plan­n­ing their wed­d­ing.

Their re­la­­tion­­ship has come a long way. At first, Wany­ing didn’t know any En­glish at all so com­­mu­ni­­ca­­tion was a huge problem. She re­al­ized that she could not re­­ly on our tran­s­la­­tors all the time if she wan­t­ed to be with Owen so she start­ed to learn En­glish from scratch. She told us that En­glish was re­al­­ly dif­­fi­cult for her but she still did it for Owen and it made her feel more con­nec­t­ed to what he had to say.

As for Owen, he had al­ways been in­­ter­est­ed in Chi­­nese cul­­ture and re­al­­ly wan­t­ed to learn Chi­­nese but he nev­er thought he would meet such a beau­ti­­ful Chi­­nese lady on­­line. When he first saw Wany­ing’s pro­­file on our we­b­site he thought she looked like an an­gel and couldn’t help talk­ing to her im­me­di­ate­­ly.

We hope their wed­d­ing goes well and that they have a won­der­­ful mar­ri­age.

Owen and Wanying Zhao
January 2019

I know that I’m a difficult customer and I always demand the highest quality of every product I use. At first, I was very sceptical about dating websites and only after a week of searching I found your amazing service. In my opinion, it’s really good for people who need a serious relationship. As for me, I have already met the love of my life. Thank you for it!

Milan, the Netherlands
January 2019

‘When love is not mad­ness, it is not love.’

Xue is a vi­o­lin­ist who works in a mu­sic bar in Chi­na. She has the ro­man­tic tem­per­a­ment of an artist. Steve is a swim­ming coach from New Zea­land.

A year ago to­day, Steve first visit­ed the site and was at­tract­ed to this very spe­cial Chi­nese girl. Af­ter over three hours of un­ex­pect­ed­ly en­joy­able cor­re­spon­dence, Steve de­cid­ed to ap­p­ly to make a phone a call to Xue through the site. On that call, Steve pro­posed to Xue and, to his sur­prise and de­light, Xue hap­pi­ly said, "yes, I do!"

A year lat­er, Steve planned the wed­d­ing day on the an­niver­sary of their first meet­ing on the dat­ing site. The wed­d­ing dress he or­ganized for Xue fit her per­fect­ly. Wow!!! It was a wed­d­ing that amazed and enchant­ed Xue and, to this day, she still can't de­scribe the over­whelm­ing hap­pi­ness she feels.

Steve and Xue
December 2018

I was inspired by Zhang Wei the first time she returned my message and so effortlessly put me at ease. I suddenly didn't feel nervous anymore because she understood how I might be feeling and what I needed to hear. We are continuing to talk, and I know I will meet her soon. I didn't expect to find someone that I could love, but I think I have. What an amazing way to reach the person you are meant to be with.

Jack, Canada
December 2018

Ed­ward and Christi­na Li met each other on our web­site and when they first met face to face, it was at the air­port when Christi­na took her daugh­ter to meet Ed­ward too. They had such a won­der­ful time to­gether and now they’re plan­n­ing their wed­d­ing.

Ed­ward has al­ways been in­ter­est­ed in Chi­nese cul­ture and was re­al­ly keen to learn Chi­nese but he nev­er thought that he could meet such a beau­ti­ful Chi­nese lady on­line. When he first saw her pro­file on our web­site he thought Christi­na looked like an an­gel and couldn’t help mak­ing con­tact with her im­me­di­ate­ly.

As for Christi­na, luck­i­ly for Ed­ward, she hap­pens to be an En­glish teach­er, so they can com­mu­ni­cate re­al­ly well and they have a lot of things in com­mon. Christi­na says Ed­ward asks a lot of ques­tions and this makes her feel very spe­cial. Christi­na al­so told us that she used to find teach­ing bor­ing but since meet­ing Ed­ward she feels to­tal­ly dif­fer­ent about it.

We hope their wed­d­ing goes well and that they have a won­der­ful mar­ri­age. Edward from the USA and Christina from China

Edward and Christina
December 2018

Af­ter study­ing En­glish at uni­ver­si­ty for four years, Xiao works as an En­glish teach­er in Chi­na. Na­t­u­ral­ly, she very much un­der­s­tands and en­joys west­ern cul­ture too.

David works as a sales­per­son for a large com­pany and of­ten trav­els to Chi­na for busi­ness.

They met each other in re­al life thanks to our web­site and be­cause they could both speak En­glish they com­mu­ni­cat­ed with each other with­out any problems at all.

David is very hu­mor­ous; he likes to tell jokes which made a very good im­pres­sion on Xiao.

Af­ter they had spent some time com­mu­ni­cat­ing, they knew they had fall­en in love with each other.

Xiao told us that at first she had not re­al­ized she was in love with David. But there came a time when he was so busy at work that he could not con­tact Xiao. She felt that some­thing was miss­ing from her life when she did not hear from David. It was then that she knew how she felt. So she sent him a mes­sage telling him he was very much a part of her life.

So now they know that by keep­ing in con­s­tant touch with each other they can be to­gether while still apart.

They told us that some­times love hap­pens all of a sud­den, out of the blue so just be pa­tient and pre­pare your­self for love.

David and Xiao
December 2018

I met my wonderful wife on this website and I just wanted to thank you for your great support! We found out each other step by step using your services and features of the website. Our love story with Ekaterina wouldn’t be possible without you! Thanks a lot for my happiness!

Samuel, Switzerland
December 2018

Look­ing at this pic­ture, we can see how hap­py Har­ry and Wendy are to­gether.

Harold and Wendy Wang have come a long way since they first met. Harold is 62 years old and a re­tired col­lege pro­fes­sor. He had de­vot­ed his life to teach­ing and so left him­self ba­si­cal­ly no time for so­cial­iz­ing with other peo­ple. He told us that he was no good at all at mak­ing con­ver­sa­tion de­spite be­ing a pro­fes­sor but when he be­gan writ­ing to Wendy he gra­d­u­al­ly be­come more out­go­ing and dif­fer­ent some­how.

Wendy ex­plained to Harold that, since she had di­vorced her hus­band, she had brought up their child as a sin­gle par­ent which was ex­treme­ly ex­haust­ing. Per­haps that is what brought Wendy and Harold to­gether. They had each faced count­less ob­s­ta­cles to be with each other but they over­came them all for the sake of love.

Harold had nev­er left Amer­i­ca but, af­ter writ­ing to each other for sev­er­al years, he de­cid­ed to vis­it Wendy. Af­ter they had dat­ed for a few months, they de­cid­ed to get mar­ried and now all they have left is a won­der­ful life to­gether.

We are tru­ly hap­py to see their wed­d­ing and hope Harold and Wendy’s mar­ri­age will last for­ev­er.

Harold and Wendy Wang
December 2018

AsianSingles2Day has changed my life! I have found my most beautiful Chinese lady – who I will live with forever. We both wanted to travel and we both wanted to have children in a few years. I love that my new wife is a lawyer and that she writes beautiful poetry. I love the side-ways smile she gives – which attracted me to her profile in the first place. And, I love her humour – she makes me laugh every day – and I wouldn’t have met her without this service.

Ethan, Canada
November 2018

Bil­ly saw Jane Wang on our dat­ing site.

Jane is 47 years old and be­fore she re­tired from work she was a sales ma­n­ag­er in Bei­jing. She joined our web­site a few months ago and met Bil­ly, the love of her life. At first she was not very con­fi­dent about com­mu­ni­cat­ing be­cause her En­glish was quite poor but since she has been talk­ing to Bil­ly a lot, her En­glish has im­proved very quick­ly.

Jane told us that the rea­son why she has picked up En­glish so fast is be­cause Bil­ly is such a fun­ny per­son that ev­ery time she talked to him he made her laugh. Even though Jane's En­glish is still not per­fect, Bil­ly is very pa­tient with her. Bil­ly used to own a car garage so they have lots of things in com­mon to talk about.

Bil­ly told us that his chil­dren live a long way away so he feels lone­ly a lot of the time. When he met Jane on the web­site, he felt his heart beat quick­en and af­ter they had talked for a while, he felt so much more con­nec­tion with Jane. He thinks she is the one and he even wants to learn Chi­nese and move to Chi­na to live with her in the near fu­ture.

We hope they can make each other’s lives per­fect and live hap­pi­ly ev­er af­ter.

Billy and Jane
November 2018

I’m very grateful to you for all these opportunities for communication with ladies from abroad that you provide for your customers. It’s actually very effective way for finding your true soulmate. Among thousands of profiles, I’ve chosen the only one woman, who I love with all my heart. Thank you for your job!

Kurt, Germany
November 2018
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