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Every time I login to AsianSingles2Day my heart starts singing with joy. It’s all because of my Jinwei! Recently, we’ve realized that we are ready take things to the next level. The site is already making all the arrangements for our first date and we’re both very excited to look into each other's eyes in real life. Thanks so much!

Jacob, Germany
March 2018

I’m not great at face to face contact so the idea of speaking to someone online instantly appealed to me, especially when they’re as beautiful as the women on your site. It didn’t take me long to find someone who caught my eye and from the first message that I sent we’ve been pretty much inseparable talking multiple times each and every day.

For months I couldn’t believe my luck that I had found someone who seemed to just get me and had the same sort of outlook on life as me. After flying out to meet her I can safely say joining up on the site was one of the best things I’ve ever done, it’s provided me with happiness and a chance to make that lifelong.

Scott, Canada
March 2018

I never thought I would fall in love with a Chinese woman but it happened! Day by day I feel my romantic connection with Hongmei is growing stronger. Every evening I am in a hurry to log in to the site to talk to my Asian beauty! We are already discussing our future meeting and I am sure the site will arrange the best date for us. Thank you.

Adrian, Spain
February 2018

Jing has just breathed fresh life into me and I’m no longer against the idea of a relationship. I was a little bitter before after some previous bad experience but I decided to try online dating as you never know what’s out there.

From the first chat with Jing I knew my mind-set was wrong. To begin with she actually messaged me first and made me feel really good, especially as she was so interesting and beautiful. After exchanging a few letters we decided to have a translated phone call and it was such a special moment for us. Thank you!

February 2018

Hi there! Today I’ve bought the tickets and tomorrow I will leave for Beijing to meet my Lei. We both are very nervous! But I am sure, with all the support and assistance from the site we will have the most wonderful first date in our lives. Thank you!

Thomas, Germany
February 2018

I couldn’t believe my luck when Linmei replied to my message, someone of her beauty would never speak to me if I approached her in a bar. Online things are a bit different and you can connect on a deeper level, finding more out about one another.

She made me laugh, she made my heart flutter and I’d find myself waiting for her next message and smiling whenever I saw her new letter. Work was very hectic for me so it took about five months before we met up in person but until then we spoke via live and video chat so much that when we met I felt like I already knew her so well.

Robert, the USA, Idaho
February 2018

Hi, everyone! It is a pleasure to be a member of your site. And meeting Juan is the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope to visit my love soon and spend Chinese New Year festival 2018 together. Thank you so much. What would I do without you, guys?

Tomas, Czech Republic
January 2018

My lady and I met on AsianSingles2Day and we both want everyone to know how impressive and honest the site is. We were both new to online dating but can say unequivocally that the tools, articles and layout of the site make the whole experience thoroughly rewarding. I’ve met the love of my life as well as some wonderful new friends.

I’ve introduced my brother to the site and he’s having a fantastic time. I really am so grateful to AsianSingles2Day and would urge any singleton to try the site, gather experienced advice and meet some stunning and friendly ladies from fascinating areas.

Mark, New Zealand
January 2018

I want AsianSingles2Day team to know how much I value their work and support. I’ve had so much fun exploring Asian culture and talking to the ladies. Well, luckily, I’ve already found my perfect woman and I am going to visit her soon. This is great!

Jakub, Poland
January 2018

Using online dating sites was nerve-wracking for me as I’d heard that some sites were fake and that the women were con-artists. My friend recommended Asian Singles Day and I’m so pleased that I gave it a go. I speak to new women each week and have made the best friendships.

I haven’t found my perfect match yet but I’m having so much fun meeting new ladies and learning new dating tips that I’m enjoying the journey. Don’t waste time in being nervous - go for it! You’ll never look back.

Robert, the USA, Connecticut
December 2017

AsianSingles2Day is easily the best international dating site that I have used. In addition to a great number of nice women, I’ve found so many useful dating tips and blogs that give me a better understanding of Asian culture. Now I am building a long distance relationship with beautiful Qian and hope for a real meeting.

Alberto, Spain
December 2017

AsianSingles2Day is an easy to use, well-planned and interesting website that works hard to offer maximum support and advice to all members. I particularly enjoyed the advice articles that helped guide me into new conversations or ways to impress the ladies that I was talking to.

I was spoilt for choice with the women on the site as there are so many gorgeous ladies. Knowing that you have something in common with all members - the online dating experience - means that conversations come easily and sparks fly quickly. Fantastic site and excellent likelihood of meeting the one!

Carter, New Zealand
December 2017

I thank everyone who helped me during my phone conversation with Wei. I am so excited after it and I’ve just fallen in love with that sweet voice! I hope the next step in our relationship with Wei will be a real meeting!

Louis, France
December 2017

Talking to women has never come naturally to me as I suffer from a speech impediment and so I’ve avoided conversations and introductions wherever possible for most of my life. Meeting new ladies through AsianDingles2Day gave me the chance to get to know others at my own pace and without worrying about my speech.

I met my perfect woman on the site and we have visited each other. We will get married next year!! This website has given me a new lease of life, built my confidence and introduced me to my love. I’m over the moon.

Nolan, Canada
November 2017

My happy story started one year ago when I signed up for this site. Among many beautiful women I chose the one, that touched my heart with her sincere letters. Now we are a newly married couple living in Belgium. You see, it’s so important to find the woman that is right for you. Good luck!

Adam, Belgium
November 2017

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