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Richard and Yu Mei

Yu Mei, 46, lives in Foshan, Guang≠­dong province and runs her own cloth≠ing store. The monotony of her dai≠­ly work made her feel very tired but af≠ter work she had no one around to be with fol≠low≠ing her di≠vorce four years ago. Her chil≠­dren worked in other ci≠ties to earn mon≠ey and her friends all had their own fam≠i≠lies to take care of. Look≠ing at her friends with their fam≠i≠lies, Yu Mei re≠al≠ized that it was time to find some≠one for her to be with.

She came across the dat≠ing site and within min≠utes Richard be≠­gan talk≠ing to her. Richard, who lives in New York, USA, was fas≠­ci≠­nat≠ed by Yu Mei's pro≠­file on the we­b≠site. He wrote to Yu Mei al≠­most ev≠ery day, send≠ing out chat in­≠vi≠­ta≠­tions. At first, Yu Mei didnít of≠ten write back to Richard be≠­cause of her poor En≠glish but Richard did not give up and in­≠­sist≠ed on car≠ry≠ing on talk≠ing to Yu Mei. Gra≠d≠u≠al≠­ly, Yu Mei was moved by Richard's per≠­sis≠­tence and be≠­gan to write back to him more of≠ten. She used dic≠­tio≠­naries, mo≠­bile apps and so on to learn En≠glish and Richard al≠­so start≠ed to learn Chi≠­nese for Yu Mei. Richard told us that learn≠ing Chi≠­nese is hard but that he is willing to try hard for the one he loves.

Even≠­tu≠al≠­ly they estab≠lished a very sta≠ble re≠la≠­tion≠­ship and last month Richard flew to Chi≠­na to meet his sweet­≠­heart. Both Yu Mei and Richard were very hap≠py to see each other. Al≠though their lan≠guage com≠­mu≠ni≠­ca≠­tion is still a lit≠­tle dif≠­fi≠cult, their willing≠­ness to work hard to re≠­solve that and to change for each other is very touch≠ing, isn't it?

May their love last for≠ev≠er.

May 2019

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