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7 Summer Activities for You and Your Asian Lady

Getting to know your Asian lady better is all about spending time together and learning all about each other. It is all well and good spending time in each other’s company but you also need to have fun while doing it. Now that the better weather is here it is the perfect way to get…

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10 Ideas For a Very Romantic Date with Your Asian Lady

Asian lady

Romantic dates are definitely a great way to get attention for all the right reasons. Taking your Asian lady on a date packed full of romance is a great way to make sure she is suitably impressed and leaves the date with a massive smile on her face. The good news is that romance doesn’t…

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What Does an Asian Lady Look For in Her Man?

Asian Lady

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding Asian ladies – these stereotypes are totally untrue and do not reflect how an Asian Lady actually behaves. But you should be ready that she will expect something different from you than a western lady. Discover below exactly what the different expectations are. Respect Her Culture  It is…

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Things Not To Do When Dating Online

Dating Online

Taking the plunge to participate in dating online might seem like a big deal, however, as long as you go into it with an open mind and be honest with the people that you talk to, it is actually lots of fun. Our specialists have put together a list of things not to do when…

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