An Eastern Halloween: How Your Asian Girlfriend Would Usually Spend Halloween

Asian girlfriend

October is here and that means that Halloween is just around the corner, so how should you spend it with your Asian girlfriend? In countries such as the UK, USA and Australia, Halloween is big business and hugely popular. Scary movies, fancy dress outfits and traditions such as ‘treat or treat’ are commonplace. However, if…

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Just Married! How to Spend a Honeymoon with your Asian Wife

Asian wife

A honeymoon is probably the most important and special holiday you will ever take, so when you’ve wedded your Asian wife, it’s time to head off and enjoy it. Of course, just like your wedding, the honeymoon is going to need quite a lot of planning itself. Whether you’re planning to spend a couple of…

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The Questions to Keep your Asian Single Interested during Conversation

Asian single

Dating an Asian single is great fun, but how do you keep your conversation fresh and interesting so that you’re both engaged? Getting to know people from another part of the world is great fun and can lead to many interesting conversations. But what do you do when the early chats with your Asian single…

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Favourite Activities of Chinese Singles during mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese singles

We may have reached the end of summer, but in China that means that mid-Autumn festival is just around the corner, and Chinese singles will be very excited about it.  Mid-Autumn festival is a huge celebration in China. It’s the second most important traditional festival in the country, second only to Chinese New Year. It’s…

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True or False? Fact-checking Some of those Stereotypes about Asian Ladies

Asian ladies

Wherever you’re from in the world and whoever you talk to or about, people will always have preconceived ideas and stereotypes in their mind. But what truth is in some of those about Asian ladies? As online dating has helped make the world a smaller place from a dating perspective, it’s allowed us to find…

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The Difficulties an Asian Lady can Experience when Dating a Foreign Man

Asian lady

So, you’ve just met the woman of your dreams online, but your Asian lady is having some difficulties with the relationship. What could the problem be?  The internet allows us to speak to and meet beautiful women from around the world. International relationships have never been so accessible. However, with the opportunities come a few…

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How to Know if Your Asian Beauty is Your Soulmate?

Asian beauty

How do you know when the Asian beauty you have fallen in love with is in fact also your soul mate?  Meeting someone new in a romantic capacity is always one of the most exciting things in life. But when things are going even better than you expect, it’s hard to stop asking yourself whether…

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Five Tips to Follow if You Want to Attract Attention to Your Online Dating Profile

online dating

Online dating has never been more fun, but it’s also never been quite so competitive with so many singles around the world looking for love online. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to meet new people and potentially find the person you will spend the rest of your life with. However, first, you need to…

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Why it’s Great to Use Online Dating Apps during the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic has challenged our normal way of life in recent months and made many of things we take for granted hard to come by. When it comes to dating, however, the use of online dating apps has been a huge positive. Online dating has been growing in popularity for the best part of…

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Asian Dating vs European Dating: Why do Asian Brides Attract Men Worldwide?

Asian brides

If you’re hoping to meet your perfect woman through Asian dating websites, then you’re certainly not alone. But why are Asian women so attractive to men around the world? For many years, men in just about every part of the globe have wanted to meet and date Asian ladies. But what is it about Asian…

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