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Lili and Jack met on our site and now they are planning to get married later this year.

Jack was born in the USA and lives in a big city where he works as a teacher at a college.  He is a very happy, positive and loving person. Although one of his three children has lived with him since his divorce six years ago, Jack felt very lonely and dreamed of meeting a sweet Asian lady to share his life with which is why he joined our site.  And this is where he met Lili and since they found each other Jack says he has so much more to smile about and believes it is true love and that their fate is to be together.

Lili was born in North China in a city called Shenyang where it is very cold in the winter. She has been married once before but this did not last long because her husband cheated on her. Although this hurt her very much, Lili knew that she must stay strong because of her ten-year-old son. She decided she was ready to find a good man and then Jack came into her life. Lili is really happy because Jack has brought her so much happiness and sunshine. She knows she cannot live without Jack now and is very excited about their life together.

Their new story is now beginning! 

Lili and Jack
July 2020

I had always admired Asian women for their beauty and many of those character traits that are becoming hard to find in American women – loyalty, dignity, etc. I decided to try out this website in the hope that I would manage to find my dream girl and after only three or four weeks of looking at profiles and speaking to girls, I met Li Na. She has quite literally changed my world, and my outlook on life. She makes me so happy and we have been dating online for about ten months now. Before long, we hope to meet in person! I cannot wait for that day to come.

Trevor, USA
July 2020

If you are here reading this message, you shall know that it is destiny! A year ago I was at your place deciding register or not, I eventually did and I am happy I did because I’ve found my Xiing. Your love waits for you here!

Naldo, Brazil
June 2020

Hey guys, I just wanted to reach out to thank you for making this website available. I had been single for nearly three years and had become really disillusioned with the dating scene back home. It was becoming quite boring and I just could not find what I was looking for. Or should that be, who I was looking for? In July 2019 I began talking to Chen from Shanghai. She is amazing and I finding myself rushing home from work to speak to her online. Well, things went great, and in December I moved over to Shanghai to be with her! So, from Shanghai with love and many thanks!

Jackson, USA
June 2020

Yinling is my only true love and there are no such words to express how grateful we are to you, our wonderful cupids!

Ingmar, Denmark
June 2020

Ying totally saved me, my heart, my sanity, and my life! I am an old bachelor with no family and friends far away. She was the one to calm me, to share her experience of quarantine, to make me believe and to keep myself together. We started from a small chat here on AsianSingles2day and now I just can't imagine my life without her.

Miroslav, Poland
June 2020

John and Lihong fell in love and are now getting married.

John joined our site a few years ago after he had been single for a while and was tired of being lonely. He told us that he loved Asian ladies and wanted to find a loving, romantic, faithful and kind woman who he would love and cherish every single day and night. Although he chatted to a few ladies on the site, he had never found someone he wanted to meet until he found Lihong, a very pretty lady who he fell crazily in love with. They chatted for a long time before they decided to finally meet and get married.
Lihong joined our site not very long ago although she had been single for a while. She told us that she could not live without a good man in her life and had been looking for her Mr Right for a long time. She does not like Chinese men so she was trying to find a lovely foreign man. When she saw John, she felt he was like a heaven sent gift. She fell in love with him and, with John by her side, her life is now complete and perfect.

They have decided to travel around the world very soon!

May 2020

A year ago today I married the person I met on your dating site. We chatted about how we met on our anniversary – Junie and I – and she suggested we ought to encourage others to do the same. We were both worried about using a dating site before we started. We know how nerve-wracking it can be. We decided we want to give people confidence that you can find your wife and your husband over the internet – just look what we did!

Gregory, SAR
May 2020

Chinese ladies are the best! Exotic beauty together with traditional values. They are the riddle you want to guess over and over. I've met mine - Jiling is like a new person every day, I can't ever possibly get tired. Now we talk even longer as we both are at home, sadly not together, but thanks to this site we're just one click away from each other!

Max, Germany
April 2020

I signed up here looking for a bit of fun. Entertainment, really. What I found, totally blew me away. The women on this site aren’t the soulless mannequins I’ll admit I’d been expecting. Because you do expect a bit of fakery on dating sites, don’t you? But they’re really lovely girls, every one of them. And they’re all looking for a future, in a way that I didn’t realise that I was too. I’m a bit ashamed now, of how I first approached this site and the ladies on it. Because they’re genuine. And now, I’ve realised that I am too. And I’m really hopeful that I might find my future here.

Richard, the UK
April 2020

I've just finished my phone call and I am tremendously happy. I heard Zhang's laugh and her lovely voice and your interpreter helped us a lot. Thank you for this opportunity!

Teppei, Japan
April 2020

You never sign up to things like this thinking that it’s actually going to work for you. You hope, but you know, love is something that happens to other people, right? Zhu was one of the first ladies I spoke to. And it’s kinda weird, but I just fell. She was bright and funny and we just kinda clicked. Are we heading to happily ever after? Who the hell knows! But right now, I’m really happy and it’s thanks to this website.

April 2020

Online dating is more vital now than ever was. This site is your best shot! We met here and we are together for four month. This is pure happiness!

Henry, France
April 2020

I would like to encourage anybody out there who wants to find love to use this dating service. You may be worried that it is full of fake people – but just read the stories of people here – and know that I am one of them too. It is so much easier meeting someone who shares your loves and interests online – and you can take it slow through the messaging. I even got to send her a gift – my love whose name it is still too soon to reveal. I am hopeful this could be the one I have been looking for and wanted to say thank you before I forgot!

Terrence, USA
February 2020

Look, I’m a bit of a bloke. You know the sort – a beer in one hand and a burger in the other. I give off this image to women that I will love and leave – and move on to the next without a thought. Sure, I had my time of doing this, but you always want that someone – you know what I mean? I gave this dating service a go and didn’t show off like I would normally. It is odd chatting to someone at first – but soon my Min cut through my bull and now we are together. It is the best decision I have ever made.

Charlie, Australia
February 2020
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