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Lili and Michael

Hello everyone out there,

We would like to tell you about Lili and Michael’s love story which really is like a true miracle.

Despite the fact that Lili was born into a very traditional Chinese family, there was always care, support, and love between the members. She is a very family-oriented woman herself and although she had been a widow for many years and has a teenage daughter, this did not stop her from wanting to find a beloved man. She was very eager to create a new happy family with a man who would love her and her daughter as his own.

Having considered everything, Lili decided to register on our website. Here she found Michael, a very loving, kind, and gentle man from Australia. Michael is a doctor who loves helping other people and who actually has cured Lili of loneliness.

Michael is a family-oriented person too so they got along as soon as they started texting each other. Michael loves Lili’s daughter and that was the main factor for Lili deciding that he was the very man with whom she was ready to spend her life with.

June 2022

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