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I’ve just had my first phone conversation with Lui Chen and it was wonderful. Thank you for arranging it and thank you for bringing us together! Now I am more than sure that she is my one and only!

Samu, Finland
May 2019

Xixi is from Chang­sha where she works as an En­glish teach­er for a school. She likes to try new things and be­lieves that love is amaz­ing.

Hasan is from the Philip­pines where he works as a driv­er. He says that be­­fore he met his Chi­­nese gir­l­friend, life was re­al­­ly qui­et.

They got to know each other through the dat­ing site. Hasan said he came across the site by ac­­ci­­dent and when he reg­is­tered, Xixi was the first girl he saw. Hasan said he is not rich, his salary bare­­ly cov­­ers his cost of liv­ing so even though he thought Xixis pho­­to was very beau­ti­­ful, he did not think she would like him. But, deep his deep heart, he felt so at­­trac­t­ed by Xixi he tried to con­­tact her and, to his sur­prise, she re­­plied and said it was OK for them to keep in touch and get to know each other first and that is how their love for each be­­gan. Af­ter a few months of cor­re­spon­­dence, when they met in re­al life, they fell in love in­­s­­tan­t­­ly and now they are dat­ing and things are go­ing re­al­­ly well be­tween them.

Xixi and Hasan
May 2019

Here is my happy ever after story, here is my fairy tale. I signed up to AsianSingles2Day one day when I was bored. I don’t have too much trouble finding ladies, but I wanted to see what the rest of the world had to offer. I started chatting to some wonderful people and feel like I made friends. But, Lucy messaged me first. And now Lucy is my wife. She was a lot more confident than I thought I would find on the site. She knew what she wanted and she wanted me. I could not be any happier than I am right now.

Antony, Ireland
May 2019

Mat­thew saw Juan Zhangs pic­tures on the web­site and start­ed talk­ing to her straight away.

Mat­thew is a chef and hes very in­ter­est­ed in Chi­nese food. He used to be doubt­ful about on­line dat­ing but, when he saw Juan and start­ed talk­ing to her and gett­ing to know her, he thought it was tru­ly mag­i­cal. He said that shes per­fect for him and he couldnt ask for more. Hes re­al­ly hap­py that he can en­joy Chi­nese food while dat­ing Juan its like a dream come true.

On the other hand, at first Juan had no in­ter­est in Mat­thew but even­tu­al­ly she could re­sist his chas­ing no longer and dis­cov­ered that she did in fact find him very at­trac­tive. She said Mat­thew even learned Chi­nese for her and she knows how hard that is for an Amer­i­can. She said Mat­thew makes her laugh all the time.

Now theyre mar­ried and are so hap­py with each other. We wish them a won­der­ful life to­gether.

Matthew and Juan Zhang
May 2019

I came here now just for a second – to thank this site and its amazing crew and to bid farewell. Two years of being here, some really gorgeous ladies and here I am, a happy husband and a father-to-be! Luxian is all I have ever wanted and even more. Thank you, guys!

Killian, Belgium
May 2019

Mar­vin and Jing Wen start­ed talk­ing to each other on our web­site in 2014.

Their re­la­tion­ship has come a long way since then. At first, Jing Wen didnt even know how to speak En­glish so com­mu­ni­ca­tion was a huge deal back then. She knew that she could not re­ly on our trans­la­tors for­ev­er if she want­ed to be with Mar­vin so she start­ed to learn En­glish from scratch. She told us that En­glish was re­al­ly dif­fi­cult for her to learn but she still did it for Mar­vin and said it made her feel more con­nect­ed to him and what he had to say.

As for Mar­vin, he had a won­der­ful fam­i­ly life un­til sad­ly his wife passed away which tru­ly broke his heart and he was alone for a de­cade af­ter that. He told us that he had nev­er trust­ed on­line dat­ing but, when he did de­cide to give it a shot, he met Jing Wen and to­tal­ly fell in love with her. He said that she made him feel young again and very spe­cial. Ev­er since he lost his wife, he had nev­er felt this way about any­body. He didnt want to miss the chance to be with this gor­geous stun­n­ing lady so he went to Chi­na and now they are mar­ried.

We hope they have a won­der­ful life to­gether and live hap­pi­ly ev­er af­ter.

Marvin and Jing Wen
April 2019

I am an Asian American living in South Dakota and there are very few people to meet out here in the wilds. I wanted my children to look like me – is it ok to say that? I have been using this site for the last few months and have been having a lot of fun talking to different ladies. I think I may have found my girl – Jan is everything I could wish for and more. We are talking about meeting up soon – I would even move to China to live with her – though I think she thinks the same about moving to me. It is amazing to think that soon I will be seeing her in person and talking about our future together.

Jeff, the US
April 2019

Women in my country are always too busy for family and children. It is their right of course, but I’ve always dreamt of a lovely wife who would stay home and take care for me, our future kids and my dog. I spent some time here on this site searching and then I saw Xian. She had pictures with her dogs in her profile, she smiled so softly that I decided to give us a try. We are together for a year already and soon I will go to China to spend a vacation with my future wife. So thank you!

Bernd, Switzerland
April 2019

Ying is an out­go­ing and ac­tive wo­m­an who ap­proach­es life with a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. She be­lieves in fate and that if two peo­ple are not destined to be to­gether then their re­la­tion­ship will not last. Leo­nard is an Amer­i­can with a spe­cial in­ter­est in Chi­nese cul­ture who has been fond of Chi­nese food and his­to­ry since his child­hood. He al­ways want­ed to find a Chi­nese lady to be his wife so he signed up to the dat­ing site to try to find a tra­di­tio­n­al Chi­nese wo­m­an.

Af­ter he had read her pro­file and seen her pho­to­graphs, Leo­nard was fas­ci­nat­ed by Ying. He took the ini­tia­tive and be­gan to chat with Ying who, to his sur­prise, liked him very much. So, they chatt­ed for two years dur­ing which time they talked a lot about their ex­pe­ri­ences of love, their ide­al part­n­er and their hopes and ex­pec­ta­tions for the fu­ture. Ying al­so taught Leo­nard some Chi­nese so they were able to hap­pi­ly chat to each other.

Their first meet­ing was at the air­port. Ying went there with her younger sis­ter, they both felt excit­ed and hap­py. When Leo­nard and Ying fi­nal­ly met, they were more cer­tain than ev­er that they had each found the per­son they were look­ing for. Ying in­vit­ed Leo­nard to her home and cooked a lot of Chi­nese food for him. Leo­nard loved it. They agreed to be with each other for the rest of their days.

Let's wish them ev­ery hap­pi­ness.

Leonard and Ying
April 2019

I am a small farmer living on the coast. Each day I work outside and each day I came home and cooked for myself. I was happy enough I thought. Then, I met Yang and I realized that contentment is far more important than fleeting happiness. She helps me around the farm and she writes her beautiful stories. I found her on your site and her profile did not do enough to capture how lovely this woman is and how she could change my life. I wonder whether there are other men out there just getting by when they could be doing so much more with the help of your site.

Joseph, New Zealand
April 2019

I am a fan of Chinese culture from childhood and always wanted to find a lovely Chinese lady. I even visited China myself but got nothing because of the language gap. But this site solved my problem! I’ve found Li here and interpreters helped us to talk. Now we chat every day and I have perfect motivation to learn Chinese – to impress her with my knowledge when I come to Shanghai. 

Ludwig, Germany
April 2019

Hong Wen is a 42-year-old tra­di­tio­n­al Chi­nese wo­m­an who lives in Shi­ji­azhuang, He­bei province. Three years ago, she di­vorced her hus­band of 13 years and then came across Jim­my on the dat­ing site. Jim­my is a 47-year-old Sin­ga­pore­an and, be­cause he al­so spoke Chi­nese, there was no bar­ri­er to their com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

They were at­tract­ed to each other and of­ten chatt­ed on the web­site and wrote each other let­ters. Jim­my likes gen­tle, fam­i­ly-ori­ent­ed wo­m­en and Hong Wen just hap­pened to be ex­act­ly that type of wo­m­an. Hong Wen pre­fers men who are re­spon­si­ble and can of­fer her a sense of se­cu­ri­ty and Jim­my is ex­act­ly that type of man. In Jim­my, her wish came true be­cause he treat­ed her well and made her feel very safe. For Jim­my, with Hong Wen, he felt warmth he had nev­er ex­pe­ri­enced be­fore.

As they chatt­ed they dis­cov­ered they had many com­mon in­ter­ests, in­clud­ing trav­el­ing. Hong Wen told us that she likes to trav­el with the peo­ple she loves and see the beau­ti­ful scen­ery of lots of dif­fer­ent places. Af­ter chatt­ing for six months or so, Jim­my and Hong Wen fi­nal­ly met face to face. Hong Wen's younger sis­ter al­so fol­lowed her to the air­port to meet Jim­my. They both felt that he had se­ri­ous in­ten­tions which on­ly con­vinced Hong Wen of the love they felt for each other. They de­cid­ed to get mar­ried and, short­ly af­ter that, they walked down the aisle to­gether.

A lot of peo­ple say mar­ri­age is the tomb of love, but I don't think so Jim­my said when he thanked the web­site for al­low­ing him to meet and fall in love with Hong Wen who add­ed, "Jim­my is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from my ex-hus­band. He is very re­spon­si­ble."

Let's wish them a hap­py life to­gether.

Jimmy and Hong Wen
April 2019

Tong, 42, lived in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Chi­na. She had nev­er mar­ried be­cause of her busy work life. She worked as a head nurse in a hos­pi­tal and took care of pa­tients so well that she had no time to make friends. Her col­leagues suggest­ed that she might make friends on­line so she signed up to the dat­ing site.

Sure enough, she found Thomp­son there. Thomp­son was a 63-year-old Malaysian who, like Tong, was still sin­gle be­cause he was so busy with his work. The two of them found that they had a lot in com­mon ground writ­ing to each other through the web­site. They were both sym­pa­thet­ic and shared their feel­ings for each other. Since Thomp­son spoke Chi­nese they had no trou­ble com­mu­ni­cat­ing and they wrote let­ters and chatt­ed al­most ev­ery day when they had the time to spare. Thomp­son al­ways want­ed to meet Tong but they could not ar­range this straight away be­cause of their work sche­d­ules.

Two years lat­er, when Tong had tak­en care of work, she went to Malaysia to meet Thomp­son who was very hap­py to see her. They had both found their soul mates. Now Tong lives in Malaysia with Thomp­son and they are very hap­py to­gether.

Thompson and Tong
April 2019

I feel like I was given the time to really get to know Meichen. There were lots of opportunities to find out about her before we spoke. This meant I could say something meaningful when I first made contact. I think I asked her about her cats, she literally had a cat in every picture on her profile. The site made it easy to talk and see each other as we chatted. Soon we will meet, and I will get to see how beautiful she is in person too. It has been an amazing experience.

Martin, the UK
March 2019

Yuan is a 54-year-old Chi­nese wo­m­an who lives in Wen­zhou, Zhe­jiang province. She was an En­glish teach­er when she was younger un­til she re­tired. S­ince then she spent ev­ery day read­ing at home and life was very dull so gra­d­u­al­ly she came round to the idea of find­ing some­one to be with. She signed up to the dat­ing site and quite by chance met Mark, a 57-year-old Amer­i­can man liv­ing in Dal­las. Mark had al­ways been very in­ter­est­ed in Chi­nese cul­ture and, af­ter read­ing about Yuan on the web­site, he wrote to her and she im­me­di­ate­ly re­plied to him. Mark was sur­prised by Yuan's flu­en­cy be­fore he lat­er learned that she had been an En­glish teach­er. They com­mu­ni­cat­ed with each other ef­fort­less­ly in En­glish but Mark want­ed to learn Chi­nese and com­mu­ni­cate with Yuan in her na­tive lan­guage. Yuan was moved by his thought­ful­ness, es­pe­cial­ly when he al­so sent a gift on her birth­day.

Two years lat­er, they fi­nal­ly met and were so in­cred­i­b­ly hap­py to be with each other that Mark was willing to stay in Chi­na to be with Yuan.

Now that they are mar­ried and liv­ing to­gether, they are hav­ing a tru­ly won­der­ful life.

Mark and Yuan
March 2019

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