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Michael lives in Australia and is father to three kids. He has always worked hard to support his family but now he is ready to find a woman to love and to grow old with. He was really happy when he found Ling on our site and started to write and chat with her. As he got to know more and more about Ling, he fell deeply in love with her and now he never wants to be without her.

Ling is from Fushun in China and is the mom of a 17 years old son. She had been looking for a husband for a long time. When she found Michael on our site, she was really happy and the more she got to know about him, the more sure she felt that they were perfect for each other. They have just become closer and closer and now cannot bear to be apart.

Michael and Ling
October 2019

It’s pretty incredible what this website has given me in life. I joined having been single for nearly two years. I was looking to build some confidence in myself and to meet new people. It was an exciting time in my life having just started a small business of my own – everything was new.

One night, I saw Suyin’s profile and fell in love! Okay, so maybe not in love instantly, but she looked incredible. We began to talk and after a few weeks, things were going really well. We’ve now been together for nearly 18 months and it’s going great. She’s also taught me so much about Chinese culture – so much so that has even helped give me the confidence to conduct some business there!

Andy, Australia
October 2019

Peth and Sha fell in love on our site and now they are happily married.

Peth is from New York in the USA where he is very successful businessman and the father or four grown up kids. He was planning to retire and wanted to marry a pretty Chinese wife. He told us he was really lucky to meet Sha on our site. Since they started to chat, Sha has made him smile a lot and they write to each other all the time. Sha is his whole life.

Sha is from Changsha in China and is a single mom with a fifteen year old son. She is a pretty teacher who joined our site by coincidence. When Peth told her that he liked her a lot, she was really happy and very surprised. She told us that even now, when she thinks about the first time they chatted, she still feel so excited and her heart skips a beat. Peth means everything to her.

Peth and Sha
September 2019

Wow, what an experience and what a website. I recently moved in with the lady of my dreams – Yuan. Yuan is from Shanghai in China and we met using this very website. California is where I’m from, and while there are people from just about every country and culture here, I struggled to find anyone that I could really connect with.

Yuan changed all that. We hit it off instantly and the tools on this website made it so easy for us to keep in touch and to grow our relationship. To be in the position of being able to move in together, well that’s just remarkable.

Steven, USA
September 2019

Richard is from America but he has been teaching in Shanghai for the last six years so he can speak very good Chinese. He likes China and the culture here. He has told us that he would like to find a Chinese wife and he would choose to stay and live here in the future. 

Shanshan is from Changsha but now works in Shanghai at a university. She likes Western culture and she likes to make friends from all over the world so she can speak a few languages. 

They met each other at a foreigners' club and because they can both speak very good English, language is not a problem for them. 

They shared with us that they are still young but they both have a very good feeling about each other even it is only the beginning for them so they plan to date,  They told us that they have so many things in common. They both like to travel and they plan to visit the western part of China. 

Even though  it is just the beginning of their own relationship,  they have said that love should not be limited by nationality. 

We wish them good luck.

Richard and Shanshan
September 2019

Thank you for a great service and help! I`ve always dreamt of meeting someone from another part of the world because I wanted to be with a woman with a different mentality. After visiting some dating sites, I found this one. Thanks God I met Jing. Now we have a relationship that I hope will last for a long time.

Xavier, France
September 2019

Jan and Juan meet on our site and soon they will be happily travelling around the world together. Jan lives in Sweden where he has a big family. He is now retired and ready to enjoy life with a woman. He had been fond of Chinese culture and women for a long time and then he finally had a chance to talk to a pretty Chinese girl called Juan who stole his heart. Juan is from Dalian in China which is a really pretty city. She has been single for many years and felt very lonely and then she joined our site. She found that foreign men are really romantic and treat woman better. That is why she now loves and cherishes Jan with all her heart. They are now living a happy life together between China and Sweden.

Jan and Juan
September 2019

Up here in Scotland it’s hard to meet the right girl. Thankfully, I discovered this website and shortly after I did indeed find that special lady. Yuke has been the making of me. She has taught me so much about life and culture and after spending a lot of time messaging and talking on video chat, I soon realised my feelings for her were quite deep.
Thankfully, she thought the same to me and we’re now seven months in to the most wonderful of relationships. In fact, it’s as much an adventure as a relationship. It’s a beautiful love story.

Daniel, Scotland
September 2019

Tom and Li met on our site and they plan to get mar­ried at the end of this year.

Tom was born in­to a big fam­i­ly with 5 kids who his par­ents loved a lot. He is now the fa­ther of three kids him­self. He is a very hard work­ing man who loves life and his fam­i­ly. He got di­vorced be­cause his ex cheat­ed on him. When he joined our site, he saw Li and he fell in love with her at first sight.

They start­ed to chat and known each other for two years now. Li is the sun­shine of his life.

Li is a sin­gle mum from Bei­jing, Chi­na who is al­so di­vorced. She is very hap­py, ro­man­tic wo­m­an. She has many friends and they ad­vised her to find a good man from a for­eign coun­try which is why she joined our site where Tom grabbed her at­ten­tion. She re­al­ly loves Tom be­cause they have a lot in com­mon and they be­lieve they were born to be to­gether and are dee­p­ly in love. They have be­come each other’s light and hope.

Tom and Li
September 2019

Trying to find a soul mate from my favorite place in the world, I met Ying here, on this site. Now we chat every day, know more about each other. Thanks a lot for an opportunity to use video to see each other.

Manuel, Germany
September 2019

I’ve always thought of myself as the type of guy who would meet someone in a local bar, love would blossom, and I’d live happily ever after. However, that just wasn’t happening. I came on to AsianSingles2Day thinking that there has to be a way to meet my dream woman. I spent the first few days speaking to lots of amazing ladies and then after about two weeks on the website I met Lixiu. She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and she’s amazing fun. Her personality is one of warmth, tenderness yet also joyous and cheeky. She’s amazing. Thanks for providing this website!

Brad, England
August 2019

In love with China, Chinese language and a perfect and humble Chinese woman. Lixia is not only my girlfriend, but she is also my friend, she shares my passions and interests. I am in love and booking tickets to fly to her, everything thanks to you.

Yukio, Japan
August 2019

This is Haihua, a lady from Changsha in China and Robert is from Australia.
Haihua is a teacher at a university in China who had been single for many years. Although she
likes Western culture, she told us it was hard to decide to look for a partner outside China because
Chinese ladies are very traditional.
But one day her friend introduced Haihua to our website which she says turned out to be a very
lucky thing for her because when she looked though the profiles on the website, she saw Robert
and that’s when their love story began.
She sent a message to Robert who soon replied and, because Haihua can speak English, it was
very easy for them to communicate which they did every day through chat and letters.
Robert told us that he has been looking through profiles on the site for a while but had no luck
finding anyone until the day Haihua sent her message to him. He felt that Haihua was very polite,
kind and well educated and he found it very easy to talk with her.
After getting to know each other for a while, they planned a meeting and their first sight of each
other was wonderful. Now they are planning to get married soon and they told us that you should
never give up hope because, with patience, you can find anything you want.

Haihua and Robert
August 2019

I’m born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s a beautiful city, it really is, but when it came to finding that special lady, I was exhausted. I needed something new, some new ladies to speak to who would make me feel alive again!

This website has given me that. After meeting Sharon my life has changed. She’s everything I hoped for in life, and we’re in the process of arranging for her to come and visit my beautiful city for the first time! I cannot wait to show her where I grew up and make more very special memories together.

Andy, Canada
August 2019

An­drew and Lili fell in love on our site and now they are liv­ing hap­pi­ly to­gether in Lon­don.

An­drew is a sin­gle hard work­ing man from Lon­don with a big fam­i­ly of four kids and six grandchil­dren. He is a very in­de­pen­dent and kind lov­ing man. Af­ter his di­vorce six years ago, he be­gan to search for true love again. He al­ways feels it was fate that brought Lili in­to his life and then brought him a new and hap­py fam­i­ly. He knows he will cher­ish and love Lili for­ev­er.

Lili lived with her on­ly son in Liaoyang in Chi­na. She had been work­ing hard to give her son a bet­ter life but she nev­er stop dream­ing of find­ing her own Prince Charm­ing some­time in the fu­ture. Last year she found our site and then start­ed her search. It was then that An­drew came in­to her life and made a big change and a new be­gin­n­ing. She feels so hap­py and excit­ed, es­pe­cial­ly as soon she will be­come his lov­ing wife.

They are now hold­ing each others hand and walk­ing hap­pi­ly to­wards their new fu­ture to­gether.

Andrew and Lili
August 2019
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