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Hong Wen is a 42-year-old tra­di­tio­n­al Chi­nese wo­m­an who lives in Shi­ji­azhuang, He­bei province. Three years ago, she di­vorced her hus­band of 13 years and then came across Jim­my on the dat­ing site. Jim­my is a 47-year-old Sin­ga­pore­an and, be­cause he al­so spoke Chi­nese, there was no bar­ri­er to their com­mu­ni­ca­tions.

They were at­tract­ed to each other and of­ten chatt­ed on the web­site and wrote each other let­ters. Jim­my likes gen­tle, fam­i­ly-ori­ent­ed wo­m­en and Hong Wen just hap­pened to be ex­act­ly that type of wo­m­an. Hong Wen pre­fers men who are re­spon­si­ble and can of­fer her a sense of se­cu­ri­ty and Jim­my is ex­act­ly that type of man. In Jim­my, her wish came true be­cause he treat­ed her well and made her feel very safe. For Jim­my, with Hong Wen, he felt warmth he had nev­er ex­pe­ri­enced be­fore.

As they chatt­ed they dis­cov­ered they had many com­mon in­ter­ests, in­clud­ing trav­el­ing. Hong Wen told us that she likes to trav­el with the peo­ple she loves and see the beau­ti­ful scen­ery of lots of dif­fer­ent places. Af­ter chatt­ing for six months or so, Jim­my and Hong Wen fi­nal­ly met face to face. Hong Wen's younger sis­ter al­so fol­lowed her to the air­port to meet Jim­my. They both felt that he had se­ri­ous in­ten­tions which on­ly con­vinced Hong Wen of the love they felt for each other. They de­cid­ed to get mar­ried and, short­ly af­ter that, they walked down the aisle to­gether.

“A lot of peo­ple say mar­ri­age is the tomb of love, but I don't think so” Jim­my said when he thanked the web­site for al­low­ing him to meet and fall in love with Hong Wen who add­ed, "Jim­my is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from my ex-hus­band. He is very re­spon­si­ble."

Let's wish them a hap­py life to­gether.

Jimmy and Hong Wen
April 2019

Tong, 42, lived in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Chi­na. She had nev­er mar­ried be­cause of her busy work life. She worked as a head nurse in a hos­pi­tal and took care of pa­tients so well that she had no time to make friends. Her col­leagues suggest­ed that she might make friends on­line so she signed up to the dat­ing site.

Sure enough, she found Thomp­son there. Thomp­son was a 63-year-old Malaysian who, like Tong, was still sin­gle be­cause he was so busy with his work. The two of them found that they had a lot in com­mon ground writ­ing to each other through the web­site. They were both sym­pa­thet­ic and shared their feel­ings for each other. Since Thomp­son spoke Chi­nese they had no trou­ble com­mu­ni­cat­ing and they wrote let­ters and chatt­ed al­most ev­ery day when they had the time to spare. Thomp­son al­ways want­ed to meet Tong but they could not ar­range this straight away be­cause of their work sche­d­ules.

Two years lat­er, when Tong had tak­en care of work, she went to Malaysia to meet Thomp­son who was very hap­py to see her. They had both found their soul mates. Now Tong lives in Malaysia with Thomp­son and they are very hap­py to­gether.

Thompson and Tong
April 2019

I feel like I was given the time to really get to know Meichen. There were lots of opportunities to find out about her before we spoke. This meant I could say something meaningful when I first made contact. I think I asked her about her cats, she literally had a cat in every picture on her profile. The site made it easy to talk and see each other as we chatted. Soon we will meet, and I will get to see how beautiful she is in person too. It has been an amazing experience.

Martin, the UK
March 2019

Yuan is a 54-year-old Chi­nese wo­m­an who lives in Wen­zhou, Zhe­jiang province. She was an En­glish teach­er when she was younger un­til she re­tired. S­ince then she spent ev­ery day read­ing at home and life was very dull so gra­d­u­al­ly she came round to the idea of find­ing some­one to be with. She signed up to the dat­ing site and quite by chance met Mark, a 57-year-old Amer­i­can man liv­ing in Dal­las. Mark had al­ways been very in­ter­est­ed in Chi­nese cul­ture and, af­ter read­ing about Yuan on the web­site, he wrote to her and she im­me­di­ate­ly re­plied to him. Mark was sur­prised by Yuan's flu­en­cy be­fore he lat­er learned that she had been an En­glish teach­er. They com­mu­ni­cat­ed with each other ef­fort­less­ly in En­glish but Mark want­ed to learn Chi­nese and com­mu­ni­cate with Yuan in her na­tive lan­guage. Yuan was moved by his thought­ful­ness, es­pe­cial­ly when he al­so sent a gift on her birth­day.

Two years lat­er, they fi­nal­ly met and were so in­cred­i­b­ly hap­py to be with each other that Mark was willing to stay in Chi­na to be with Yuan.

Now that they are mar­ried and liv­ing to­gether, they are hav­ing a tru­ly won­der­ful life.

Mark and Yuan
March 2019

I was hoping to find someone nice and charming for chatting but lucky me – I met Yanmei and she is more than that. She is gorgeous, beautiful and cheerful, I feel like we belong together. Thank you for your service!

Niklas, Denmark
March 2019

Ping is 53 years old. She is a busi­ness wo­m­an from Chi­na who nev­er thought she would find some­one to love un­til the mo­ment she met Richard.

Richard lives in Hong Kong now and has a ten year old son. He was search­ing for a lady from Chi­na be­cause he loves Chi­nese wo­m­en and Chi­nese cul­ture.

Ping and Richard met through the dat­ing site and the agen­cy or­ganized for them to meet each other. When Richard visit­ed Ping in Chi­na he took his son with him and the three of them had lots of things to talk about to­gether.

Af­ter their first meet­ing Richard de­cid­ed to stay in Chi­na for a while and Ping ar­ranged for them to trav­el around Chi­na for a month. Dur­ing that time they dis­cov­ered they had so many things in com­mon and de­cid­ed they want­ed to be to­gether for­ev­er.

So, Richard in­vit­ed Ping to live with him in Hong Kong and his lit­tle boy likes her very much. They still trav­el as much as they can.

Richard and Ping told us that you must nev­er give up search­ing for love be­cause it could hap­pen to­mor­row. Have faith in love and in life.

Richard and Ping
March 2019

Mike is a typ­i­cal Amer­i­can man who worked hard and made mon­ey but he had still nev­er been mar­ried. He is now 62 years old and felt very lone­ly ev­ery day at home, so he signed up to the dat­ing site.

One af­ter­noon, he opened the dat­ing site and saw Yan Xin’s pic­ture, so he took the ini­tia­tive to say hel­lo to her. Yan Xin, 43, lives in Qing­dao, Shan­dong province in Chi­na. At first she didn't take Mike's ap­proach se­ri­ous­ly, af­ter all he was 19 years old­er than her. But Mike's per­sis­tence im­pressed her so, al­though Yan Xin's En­glish was not very good, she tried to re­p­ly to his let­ter us­ing trans­la­tion soft­ware to com­mu­ni­cate.

Exchang­ing dozens of let­ters helped them get to know each other bet­ter and gra­d­u­al­ly Yan Xin re­al­ized that nei­ther age nor na­tio­n­al­i­ty were is­sues in the face of love. She and Mike be­came very close and they re­al­ized that they had a sur­pris­ing num­ber of in­ter­ests in com­mon.

Af­ter a year and a half of exchang­ing let­ters, Mike de­cid­ed to trav­el to Chi­na to vis­it the wo­m­an he had come to love.

When they met, they hugged each other with great joy and emo­tion. Now they live in Yan Xin's home and are so very hap­py to­gether.

Mike and Yan Xin
March 2019

I love Asian women and wanted to find myself an Asian bride, someone to settle down with and we would have loads of children. When you marry someone like Yin, you are sure going to be happy for the rest of your life. Our kids are going to know the world, as she loves her home in China and I love the US. Bringing us together is thanks to the wonders of this site, and I couldn't be more grateful. I literally tell all my buddies to get on the site and find their own wonderful woman. Why struggle when you are given all the help in the world to find love.

Jose, the USA
March 2019

Un­like most mid­dle-aged Chi­nese wo­m­en, Chenchen likes to com­mu­ni­cate on­line and she is very good at it. Since she di­vorced her hus­band, she has lived with her daugh­ter and spends her days cook­ing and chatt­ing on­line. She is a very out­go­ing lady who is al­so very di­rect and want­ed to meet a per­son who would like­wise ex­press them­selves di­rect­ly.

One day, she saw Robert's pro­file on the dat­ing web­site. She was very in­ter­est­ed in this man from Cal­i­for­nia so she took the ini­tia­tive and be­gan to chat with him. Through their chats, they gra­d­u­al­ly got to know each other and in­creas­ing­ly be­gan to like each other. When he learned that Chenchen had been di­vorced and had a daugh­ter, Robert did not mind at all and ac­cept­ed both her and her daugh­ter, which moved Chenchen very much.

Chenchen said that she had nev­er met such a gentle­man and that Robert is very con­sid­er­ate and al­ways takes care of her feel­ings. Chenchen's daugh­ter al­so add­ed, "Robert is very nice to my mother and I am hap­py that he and my mother are to­gether."

Af­ter near­ly two years of chatt­ing, they fi­nal­ly de­cid­ed to meet. Robert visit­ed Chi­na to meet Chenchen and their love sto­ry had a per­fect end­ing.

We wish them a hap­py mar­ri­age and a hap­py life to­gether.

Robert and Chenchen
March 2019

Mei Han, 49, has a 25-year-old daughter who she raised alone after she and her husband divorced 12 years ago. Now that the daughter is an adult with a stable job, she wanted her mother to find someone to share her life with after being on her own for so many years. At first, Mei Han didn’t think this was a very good idea but she didn't want to upset her daughter.

Mei Han met Green by chance on this website. Green fell in love with Mei Han at first sight. Mei Han tried to chat with Green with the help of her daughter and a dictionary. At first they talked once a week, then every five days, then every three days and in the end they talked almost every day. Mei Han thought that Green was a reliable person and Green also believed that Mei Han was the person he was looking for. So, a year later, he visited China to meet Mei Han and her daughter who also thought Green was a great fit for her mother. So, in the presence of the daughter, they registered their marriage with the Civil Affairs Bureau of Liaoning province of China.

Now they live together and are very happy.


Green and Mei Han
February 2019

I am Xue and I come from Shanghai where I worked as an English teacher at a training school. I love English and I love western culture which is why I majored in English at university.

John is from Malaysia and he is now my husband. At first, we exchanged letters and chatted through the dating site and then after two months we decided to meet each other.

I still remember the day when we met each other for the first time at the airport when I went to pick John up. He is so considerate, he had brought me a bunch of flowers from his home town. He told me that he had been holding the flowers in his hands for the whole flight which is really funny, right? We talked for a very long time on the first day we met. I discovered that we had so many things in common. We both love different cultures, we love to travel and we love to eat spicy food.

After one year of communicating, we decided to get married and now we are very happy together. We have already added our cute baby daughter to our family!

When we have time, we still like to travel around the world. John is very important to me and he has also done so much for me. So we hope that you too will find the right person. Dont wait, just do it!


John and Xue
February 2019

I met my beautiful Fei on your site and we would like to thank you for this service! Our love story couldn’t have happened without you. Thank you for helping two lost hearts find each other!

Bjorn, Sweden
February 2019

Sa­muel and Xi­u­lan Wang met each other on the web­site.

Sa­muel is a pho­to­g­ra­pher and he en­joys trav­el­ing around the world a lot. He said he had seen so much beau­ti­ful scen­ery but noth­ing com­pared with Xi­u­lan. He used to be a shy per­son but now love has re­al­ly changed him. He said Xi­u­lan learned En­glish so quick­ly that it re­al­ly sur­prised him. He tru­ly ap­pre­ci­ates this gor­geous lady and couldn’t ask for more.

Xi­u­lan was a mod­el when she was younger but she gave up her ca­reer for her fam­i­ly. Af­ter her ex-hus­band left, she nev­er made any at­tempt to meet any­body else un­til Sa­muel came along. She said Sam makes her feel re­al­ly spe­cial and helps her to feel young again.

Now Xi­u­lan has moved to Amer­i­ca to be with Sam and they have a won­der­ful life to­gether. We’re re­al­ly hap­py for them and wish them all the very best.

Samuel and Xiulan
February 2019

Wil­li­am and Xi­uwen met each other on our we­b­site.

Wil­li­am is 50 years old and he owned an Amer­i­­can fast food res­­tau­rant. His busi­­ness was very suc­cess­­ful but, af­ter he suf­fered a heart at­­tack, he de­­cid­ed to re­tire and en­joy the rest of his life. Wil­li­am said that when they got to know each other, he dis­­­cov­­ered he had a lot of things in com­­mon with Xi­uwen. Even though he did not un­der­s­­tand Chi­­nese, he picked it up re­al­­ly quick­­­ly and now he speaks the lan­guage flu­en­t­­ly. He told us that the thoughts about Xi­uwen helped him learn Chi­­nese a lot.

As for Xi­uwen, she was a res­­tau­rant ma­n­ag­er for many years but al­­so had some health is­­sues. She said she and Wil­li­am un­der­s­­tand each other so well be­­cause they both came un­der the pres­­sure of run­n­ing a res­­tau­rant and so both suf­fered from stress that was brought to their lives. She told us that Wil­li­am and she have promised to stay well for each other and al­ways have a healthy at­ti­­tude to life.

Now they’re hap­pi­­ly mar­ried. We tru­­ly hope they lead a healthy and won­der­­ful life to­gether.

William and Xiuwen
January 2019

I find it difficult to meet people because I spend long stretches out at sea, I am a fisherman. I like to get to know people slowly, and I loved the way you can chat and see the person's face. When I first saw Jay, I was stunned by her beauty. She has a beautiful smile. She is very patient with me and continues to talk to me whenever I am on shore. I would like to say I think you have helped me find the person I would like to stay with for a long time.

Jack, the USA
January 2019
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