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Haihua and Robert

This is Haihua, a lady from Changsha in China and Robert is from Australia.
Haihua is a teacher at a university in China who had been single for many years. Although she
likes Western culture, she told us it was hard to decide to look for a partner outside China because
Chinese ladies are very traditional.
But one day her friend introduced Haihua to our website which she says turned out to be a very
lucky thing for her because when she looked though the profiles on the website, she saw Robert
and that’s when their love story began.
She sent a message to Robert who soon replied and, because Haihua can speak English, it was
very easy for them to communicate which they did every day through chat and letters.
Robert told us that he has been looking through profiles on the site for a while but had no luck
finding anyone until the day Haihua sent her message to him. He felt that Haihua was very polite,
kind and well educated and he found it very easy to talk with her.
After getting to know each other for a while, they planned a meeting and their first sight of each
other was wonderful. Now they are planning to get married soon and they told us that you should
never give up hope because, with patience, you can find anything you want.

August 2019

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