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Six stereotypes about Asian women

6 stereotypes about Asian women

Asian women, like women throughout the world, are subject to a number of stereotypes. Some of these typical features are positive, whereas others are less so and recognizing these potential characteristics as stereotypes can help to ensure that you manage your expectations appropriately and treat Asian women with full respect at all times.

Stereotypes can have racist connotations or can come from a place of ignorance. Whatever the motives behind such comments, it is rare for a stereotype to be accurate, let alone pleasant and so maintain respect for Asian girls by avoiding such viewpoints and comments at all times.

Common Stereotypes About Asian Women

Below are six stereotypes about Asian ladies that you should bear in mind:

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  1. Asian women are subservient. Many people believe that Asian women are less likely to challenge others than western women. This opinion makes Asian women appear weak or vulnerable and is unfair. Allow your Asian lady to communicate her own personality and do not prejudge her attitude.
  2. Asian women will not make independent decisions without consulting their parents. Many Asian women are very close to their parents and family may well be important to them. Rather than assuming this, allow her to discuss her family connections in her own time and gauge her closeness and dependence to her parents from the conversations that you share.
  3. All Asian women can cook well. Asian food is loved throughout the world but it is not an inherent skill that all Asian ladies have. Don’t assume that your Asian lady loves to cook or is even good at it. You may well find that she prefers to tend to car mechanics or engage in fitness pursuits rather than indulge in culinary efforts.
  4. Every Asian woman is highly educated. Education is regularly an important feature of childhood for Asians but this doesn’t guarantee that all Asian women are educated to a high level or that they enjoyed a host of extra-curricular activities. Don’t make your Asian lady feel less than special by assuming that she is an academic when she may well have not enjoyed education.
  5. Asian women who marry western men do so for money. Of course this is not true and many Asian women simply find love with a man from another country or seek out a western man because they enjoy the cultures and values of this culture. In many cases, such women come from financially strong backgrounds and are capable of earning their own income.
  6. Asian women are techy and nerds. The technical success of Asian countries often leads others to think that all Asian women will be a whiz with any gadget. There is no predisposition that suggests this and so your Asian lady is no more likely to enjoy such things as any lady from any country.
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Overcoming Stereotypes in Your Relationship

If you are able to form a stable relationship with an Asian lady, you are likely to suffer from some of the above stereotypes in your future together. Forewarned is forearmed in such situations and by being aware of the likely comments, you will not suffer the shock and upset that they can cause. Instead, take care to explain the likely stereotypes to your Asian bride so that you can ease her nerves and confirm that you don’t feel the same way.

Be open about your relationship with those close to you and this should ease their worries. Your friends and family may worry about the motives of Asian women who want to date western men and so be honest and involve them. This way, stereotypical encounters should only come from strangers and not those who are important to you.