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Why You and Your Asian Lady Should Visit the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

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If you’re looking for somewhere special yet seasonal to take your Asian lady, then look no further than the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

The event takes place, as the name suggests, in the city of Harbin in China. Harbin is the capital city of Hellongjiang province and has a population of more than 10million. However, the annual Ice and Snow Festival is without doubt the biggest tourist attraction.

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Taking place from December until February, depending on the weather, the event sees more than 18million visitors each year and it’s easy to see why. Your Asian lady would truly love to pay a visit to this traditional winter festival.

If you’re yet to be convinced as to why you should visit the festival, then here are a few reasons:

It’s the biggest ice sculpture festival in the world

It takes around 10,000 sculptors from around the world to create the incredibly structure that make up this amazing festival. Each year carries a theme and the sculptures are among the most incredible pieces of seasonal art you are ever likely to see.

It boasts the tallest ice sculptures on earth

Your Asian lady will be blown away by the sheer ingenuity of the spectacular snow and ice sculptures that make up the Harbin festival. Many sculptures regularly reach a whopping 46 metres in height, making them the tallest ice sculptures anywhere in the world.

Incredible lighting effects

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You will be amazed by the incredible art during the day time, but you and your Asian lady will be blown away if you visit the sculptures at night. Amazing lighting effects are used to bring the features to life during the evening. It creates a magical atmosphere and will leave you both gazing in marvel at what’s before you.

It’s romantic

The exceptional artistry and awe-inspiring lighting that makes the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival what it is also helps to create a real romantic feel to proceedings. Visiting this event with your Asian lady will be many things, but coming to see the sculptures at night is definitely a romantic thing to do.

Create memories to last a lifetime

Finally, visiting something as spectacular and magical as this festival is going to give you both memories which will last a lifetime. Relationships are built on shared experiences like this and you will find yourselves reminiscing about them for many years after.