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10 Things to Remember When Preparing for Your Asian Date

Dating outside of your own culture can be an exciting and rewarding experience that allows you to experience many new things. More western men are now finding their perfect love match outside of the local area where they live by connecting with an Asian date online. An online Asian date is a great way to first get exposed to the many wonderful, beautiful and smart Asian women who are looking for love as well. In fact, our website is responsible for many true love connections between western men and Asian women who first met online and then continued to grow their relationship with an in-person meeting.

There are many Asian women to choose from when looking for an Asian date and they come from a wide variety of cultures. Your perfect Asian date might be from the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand, or any number of Asian countries that all offer a unique culture, fabulous food and many beautiful Asian women who are waiting to meet you.

Preparing for your first experience with an online Asian date is very exciting, especially knowing if all goes well you could be on a plane very soon traveling to a new and exotic place to meet your Asian date. Whether you are getting ready for your very first online meeting or preparing for a trip overseas to see your love interest in-person, there are some important things you should know. Keeping the information below in mind will help you with your first or twenty-first online Asian date and better prepare you for the day when you meet face to face.

#1-Relax and Have Fun with Your Asian Date

Both of you will be understandably nervous when first getting to know each other online and in-person. It’s important to relax and have fun, don’t be afraid to make a joke or show your personality. If you are too tense then your Asian date won’t have a chance to know the real you and it may make them even more nervous than they started.

#2-Expect Miscommunication

Anytime two people from different cultures try to communicate there is almost always some miscommunication. Make sure you slow down, explain your thoughts completely and don’t be afraid to even ask your Asian date if they understand your thoughts. After you know each other better, it will be easier to understand the finer details of communicating online or in-person.

#3-Be Prepared to Meet the Family

In Asia, families tend to be much closer than in the western world. Therefore, do not be surprised when the subject of meeting the family comes up very early on in your relationship with your Asian date. This is very normal, although keep in mind, family dynamics vary widely just like in any country and it is a good to remain observant.

#4-Don’t Be Afraid to Limit Time with the Family

While meeting the family of your Asian date is almost always recommended, that doesn’t mean you have to spend every minute with your new love match and her family. Families are much closer in most Asian cultures and they can sometimes seem a bit overbearing if you are from the west. Don’t be afraid to limit the time with the family so you get enough time to know your new love interest one-on-one.

#5-Be Honest with Your Asian Date

If you are honest with your Asian date about exactly what you are looking for right up front, you will have a much easier time. While Asian women can give the impression of being extremely delicate and innocent, they are very capable of handling serious issues and their wants and needs vary just like anyone. Honesty is always the best policy.

#6-Make the Trip

If you are going to spend any real amount of time online getting to know an Asian date, be prepared to make the trip to meet her at some point in the future. That doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane one week after having a few chats. However, at least have serious intentions and don’t string an Asian woman along with no intention of ever seeing her.

#7-Make an Effort to Learn Her Language

You don’t have to spend weeks on end studying the finer details of the local language of an Asian date. However, making an effort to learn at least a few sentences, phrases or words will show her you are serious about knowing her and she will be very impressed.

#8-Don’t Be Flashy

In some places in Asia, there can be the perception that all westerners are rich. The truth is this is probably comparatively true in some cases, although that is a very general statement. Regardless of your financial status, don’t be flashy and tell Asian date about your super cool job, big salary, huge house and fancy cars, even if it is true. Anyone in Asia that is impressed by those things probably does not have good intentions and leading with your wallet will almost always end up a big mistake.

#9-If you’re Not Interested Let Your Asian Date Know

Do yourself and your Asian date a big favor by telling her if you get to a point where you know that you are not interested in pursuing things with her. This can be difficult as you do not want to be mean and hurt her feelings, but it is much better she knows sooner rather than later.

#10-Don’t Move Too Quickly

Asian women sometimes all seem perfect and it can be easy to think you have found the perfect women on your very first online Asian date. Be patient and give yourself a chance to meet several different Asian women as this will give you a much better gauge of what their personalities are really all about.

Remembering the ten things above will help you have a much easier, more fun and more successful online or in-person Asian date which will open up a whole new world of possibilities you never dreamed of. All you have to do now is sign up for an account on our website and start meeting beautiful Asian women.