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10 Top Tips for Dating Asian Women

Dating is a minefield. A road that could lead to finding your significant other will always be one littered with obstacles, but dating somebody from a different cultural background to yourself can be even more daunting. The pressure of social etiquette and embarrassing slip-ups is multiplied, so you would benefit from understanding their background. Asian culture is a diverse mix of languages, cuisine, attitudes and history. You can’t boil any person down to just their cultural heritage, but taking these tips for dating Asian women into account could improve your chances of finding that special someone.

Here’s our top tips to dating Asian womenAsian women

Being Humble is good

Asian culture is all about respect and humility. Boasting about your new job or listing your achievements won’t entice any Asian girls to give you that second date, so try to remain humble. Not only that, but make sure you focus on her; nobody likes a self-obsessed date, regardless of their background.

Prove you have a work mentality

This doesn’t mean rattling on about your five-year career plan, but you should be willing to show you’re dedicated at what you do. Asian girls are usually brought up in a culture that prizes a strong work ethic above all, so let her see your commitment to forging a successful career.

Family is everything

Asian girls have been raised in a family oriented environment. By taking time to get to know her friends and family, you can show your willingness to integrate yourself into their lives. It’s about more than just compliments; take time to get to know the family, and you’ll inevitably find out more about your date too.

Learn Her Heritage

Don’t be afraid to ask about aspects of her culture you may not understand. Asian dating is very different to in the West, so it’s a great chance to get to know the little details you don’t hear about elsewhere. Show a genuine interest and the right level of respect and your odds of making it past the first date are dramatically increased.

Don’t be too forward

Dating Asian women requires a soft touch when it comes to romance. Being overly pushy or too eager suggests a desperation that most Asian girls will not find attractive. Instead, take things at her pace and express your interest in subtle ways. Try too hard and you risk being labeled as someone looking for a quick fling.

Asian womanTry to keep the PDA

Public displays of affection amongst Asian girls can be a big turn off, as it suggests a lack of respect. There’s nothing wrong with being playful and flirty, but make sure she’s comfortable with it before assuming.

Don’t be offended if they’re shy

Asian women are taught from a young age to respect others, but this can sometimes be misinterpreted in the West as shyness. It’s important you respect their attitude and show them you are interested in them as a person. If you want to meet Asian women for more than just a casual encounter, you could benefit from learning a useful phrase or two.

Be ready to prove your commitment

Casual encounters are rare, so if that’s what you’re looking for, Asian women are probably not your best choice. Marriage is a highly valued factor for Asian women; don’t just assume they are looking for a fling.

Don’t be late

You should always aim to turn up on time to any date, regardless of their cultural background. But when it comes to Asian women, this is particularly important. Showing up punctually not only proves you are capable of managing your time, it proves you respect her too.

Always be responsible

This means more than just taking care of your date. For Asian women, this means proving you are capable of looking after more than just yourself. Always be kind, polite and, above all, yourself.