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6 ways to make your Asian lady happy

The key to building a successful and long-lasting relationship with an Asian lady following your initial online dating experience is to take time and care in ensuring the happiness of your Asian lady. There are a number of ways that you can do this, and as you being to know your Asian bride more thoroughly,…

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The most important qualities Asian women value in men

On an Asian dating site  like ours, there are hundreds of mail order brides  looking to meet you, but you might be wondering what they are looking for and what Asian women value in the men that they fall in love with. While what Asian women find attractive can vary from one person to another,…

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Travel to China: Best Places Where Chinese Brides Live

Chinese brides will be keen to maintain connections to their home country and heritage. So, it is imperative that their partners show an interest in their country’s most beautiful areas. Be sure to ask your Chinese lady about the place in which she lives and show an interest in the local attractions. Although Chinese brides…

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Do Asian brides believe in love at first sight?

People often think that love at first sight is a good proof of a perfect match. Asian brides, who are renowned for their beauty, personalities and romantic potential are no exception to the excitement of this occurrence. However, it would be unwise to suggest that Asian brides are naive or so committed to the idea…

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