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Winter in China: Best things to do together with your Chinese woman

China is a vast country, but one thing that many areas of the nation have in common is that when winter arrives, the temperature drops dramatically. Having some great winter activities organized for your Chinese woman is vitally important. If you’re planning on heading to China this winter to spend some quality time with your…

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Christmas in Asia: do Asian women follow European traditions of Christmas celebration?

Throughout Asia, many families will take Christmas as an opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time together and although many Western traditions are enjoyed, the event is not as large as it is in predominantly Christian countries. Asian women are most likely to take part in Christmas traditions if they work in industries that require it,…

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10 reasons why you should try dating Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women are amongst the most beautiful, affectionate and considerate women in the world. For men who use online dating sites, Vietnamese ladies are often at the top of the list for the ladies that they would like to meet. Below are ten reasons why you should try dating Vietnamese brides: Reason 1: Vietnamese women…

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Gorgeous Asian brides: how do they stay young and pretty?

For many years, men all over the world have been in awe of the natural beauty and youthful appearance of Asian brides. But how do they continue to look so young, pretty and healthy for so long? While men have adored Asian brides, for some women in other parts of the world, there may have…

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