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Are common interests and tastes necessary when dating an Asian woman?

In relationships, having something in common with your partner is important, but is it absolutely necessary to share the same interests and tastes when dating an Asian woman? During the early stages of any relationship, having interests, tastes and hobbies in common can really help the partnership flourish. However, it’s not vital to share these…

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Chinese New Year 2018: the main festival of Chinese brides

Chinese New Year is an event that captivates the interest of the world. With bright colors, ancient traditions, personality explorations and the promise of new luck, well-being and wealth, the Chinese are able to celebrate like no other nation. Chinese brides are sure to be excited to share their culture and celebrations with you and…

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Asian dating for beginners: step by step guide

Asian dating can be the most exciting whirlwind of romance, culture, affection and learning. You are sure to discover masses about your partner and yourself when you embark on Asian dating and you can really find true love through online dating sites. Many people choose Asian dating because they want to meet someone from a…

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A perfect telephone date with your Asian lady: best tips

If you’re looking to set up that first telephone date with your Asian lady, it’s good to have a few pointers as to how to make it a success. If you’ve met your dream lady, then it’s likely you want to get to know her better. When you take that relationship to the next level…

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Chinese Horoscope 2018 for you and your Chinese bride

If you’re planning to marry your Chinese bride, then 2018 could be the perfect year in which to do so according to Chinese horoscopes. From 6th February, the Year of the Earth Dog officially begins in China. The year will bring much positivity to your life, but particularly important is the additional stability, excitement and…

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