Ten things that will make your Asian bride trust you more

Asian bride

Trust is a vital commodity in any relationship, and so building that trust between you and your Asian bride must be a high priority. Whenever you get into a relationship, there is a chance that your partner will have been burnt before in a previous relationship. As a result, she may not find it easy…

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What do Chinese women expect from a serious relationship?

So, you’ve met the woman of your dreams and you’re ready to take the relationship further? But what do Chinese women expect from a serious relationship? Like with any relationship, it’s always good to know what you’re getting in to when you choose to settle down with a lady. Chinese women will naturally have expectations…

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Asian dating on your smartphone: Find love wherever you are

If you’re looking to find love, then it’s likely that the smartphone in your pocket is the most useful tool you’re going to have when you enter the world of Asian dating. It wasn’t too long ago that online dating was limited to using a large desktop computer that you couldn’t really move around with…

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Spring in Asia: What do Asian singles love to do in this season?

Asian singles

Spring in Asia is a magical time, as flowers begin to bloom and the weather warms up, Asian singles head back outside to enjoy the seasonal colors. Wherever you are in the world, springtime brings with it a lifting of the gloom and puts a little ‘spring’ into everyone’s steps. In Asia, it’s no different,…

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