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What is a perfect family like according to an Asian woman?

If you’ve met the Asian woman of your dreams, you will almost certainly have thought about the possibility of settling down with her long-term. But what would she want her family to look like? Meeting that special Asian woman who you want to spend the rest of your life with is a joyous feeling. Women…

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Asian customs and traditions that you should know when dating an Asian lady

Dating an Asian lady is fantastic; they’re fun, beautiful, loyal and interesting women who make for great partners. However, their customs and traditions are a lot different to those of the western world in some cases, and specifically when it comes to dating, there are a few things you really should be aware of when…

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Best Thanksgiving congratulations from Chinese singles to you

If you live in America, then you’re probably starting to get really excited for Thanksgiving. There are lots of Chinese singles who are also excited for you and wishing to spread their own celebratory messages. Thanksgiving in the US takes place in November. It will see people the length and breadth of the country enjoying…

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Singles’ Day in China: how do Chinese ladies celebrate it?

On November, 11 this year, Chinese ladies will celebrate Singles’ Day. But just how do they celebrate this special day? Young Chinese ladies celebrate Singles’ Day to acknowledge their pride in being just that – single. It’s highly unlikely that they want to be single forever, but it is an acknowledgement that they do not…

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