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Spending traditional New Year in China with your Chinese bride

There is very little as exciting or memorable as spending a traditional New Year in China with your Chinese bride. A bucket-list activity for many, New Year in China is arguably the best country in the world to celebrate this annual event. With bright colors, an abundance of parties, incomparable amounts of history and tradition…

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History of online dating: Where did it come from?

It’s fair to say that online dating has become a global phenomenon, helping millions of people around the world to meet men and women that they might have never found otherwise. Online dating is now so common and mainstream that it has changed the dating landscape permanently. A dating website will be the first port…

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Winter vacation in China with your Asian lady

Planning a winter vacation with your Asian lady is a great way to enjoy some quality time together while escaping from your daily routine. China offers many fantastic destinations which lend themselves perfectly to winter holidays with your Asian lady. From busy city breaks in the likes of Shanghai through to something a little bit…

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Best way to spend Christmas with your Asian bride

Christmas is just around the corner and so it’s time to begin preparing for how you will spend the festive season with your Asian bride. Depending on the background of your Asian bride, Christmas may not be something she is used to celebrating. In many parts of Asia, China for example, other festivals take precedence,…

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