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Five golden rules to make the first phone call to your online date successful

Meeting people in the digital world is now the norm, and it’s also incredibly exciting. But what happens when it’s time to take that relationship with your online date into a more traditional direction?We are of course talking about that all-important first telephone call. Knowing what to say when you first speak to your online…

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How to celebrate Buddhist New Year with your Asian wife

Buddhist New Year is celebrated in different ways and on different dates in several countries throughout the world. Your Asian wife will be sure to tell you when she wants to celebrate the event and is likely to be excited to share the ways in which she traditionally observes this celebration. Because the Buddhist New…

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How to become the best online dating boyfriend

The world of online dating has changed how our romantic relationships are played out, so how do you go about making sure that you’re a good boyfriend in the digital world? Online dating has been revolutionary as far as dating is concerned. People the world over have found lifelong partners and enjoyed some of the…

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Chinese dating then and now

Chinese dating may mirror western dating in many ways, but with Chinese culture being so focused on heritage and history, you may well find that traditions form part of your courting efforts. Chinese women will likely have expectations relating to their dating experiences based on the interactions of the women in their family and social…

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