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Making an emotional connection in online dating

Online dating is no different from traditional forms of dating in so many ways, including how important the connection is between you and your date. In the early days of a relationship and particularly on the first couple of dates, couples will give a lot of attention to saying the right things. With Asian ladies,…

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How to avoid mistakes in dating Asian singles?

Dating in any form can be a challenge and as you’re getting to know the other person, you’ll be keen to make a good impression and avoid making any mistakes. When dating Asian singles, you’ll have the added pressure of overcoming language barriers, acknowledging cultural differences and making that irresistible lasting impression despite geographical challenges.…

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Why completing your profile is vital for online dating?

There are few more important factors in the world of online dating than your own profile, and if you’ve left yours incomplete, you could be missing out. When you’re using online dating websites, your profile is what potential partners are going to see first. The profile will be the first impression and should tell them…

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Spend unforgettable Dragon Boat Festival with your Chinese lady

The Dragon Boat Festival is a celebration that is synonymous with Chinese culture. It’s highly likely that your Chinese lady will anticipate the event with excitement. Dating back centuries, the Dragon Boat Festival attracts attention throughout the world. It offers a celebration that all nationalities can adopt. Attending the Dragon Boat Festival will be a…

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