How to Behave to Impress your Asian Bride’s Parents?

Asian bride

Meeting your Asian bride’s parents for the first time is going to be nerve-wracking, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re as well prepared as possible. When you’re in any relationship, meeting parents is always scary. You want to make a good impression so that they know you can be trusted with their daughter.…

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Five Reasons to Call Your Asian Lady When You are Dating Online

dating online

Dating online is a great thrill and brings many benefits, but there are other ways to keep in contact with your Asian lady which you should also consider. There are many ways to engage with your Asian lady when dating online. From instant chat to direct messaging, there are lots of options to keep things…

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Date your Asian girlfriend at Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival

Asian girlfriend

Spring is an amazing time in many parts of Asia, but if you’re looking for a truly special date with your Asian girlfriend, then Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival may be the perfect destination. Each year, people around the world look forward to the arrival of spring. Wherever you’re located, spring represents the end of winter…

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Girl’s Day in China: How Asian ladies used to celebrate it

Asian ladies

Asian ladies have been celebrating Girl’s Day in China since it began more than 30 years ago. But who is it for, and how is it celebrated? Girl’s Day in China first started back in 1986 and originated at Shandong University. Students at the university decided that they wanted to create a celebration that was…

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