Chat vs Letters: The best way of communicating when you are dating online

Dating online has changed the way many people find love in the modern age, but certain elements of traditional dating still have their place for some. Moving to a digital platform to begin your next love story is a smart move. Dating websites offer a vast array of tools and techniques for not only finding…

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Meaning of a Birthday for an Asian single

Birthdays in Asia are significant events and milestones in a person’s life, and so when an Asian single you know is celebrating their birthday, you should be sure to make sure you help them enjoy the day. There are many great traditions in Asian countries when it comes to birthday celebrations. While time has moved…

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Five Topics to Start a Conversation with an Asian Lady

Asian lady

If you’ve found the perfect Asian lady in your life, or perhaps you’re looking to meet one, then knowing how to get conversation started can be really important. We all know that feeling we get in our stomachs when we see or meet that someone special. But having the confidence to go up and speak…

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Five Habits to Avoid if You Have an Asian Girlfriend

Asian Girlfriend

If you have finally landed your dream lady and are now lucky enough to have an Asian girlfriend, you’re going to want to be certain that you won’t inadvertently push her away. Dating an Asian girlfriend is hugely rewarding. Aside from their natural beauty, they’re loyal, fun and caring ladies who make your life with…

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