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5 Most Attractive Traits in Asian Ladies

Asian ladies are often associated with Geishas. Gorgeous women with pale skin, dark eyes, and even darker hair. Their charm is undeniable. But what are their most attractive traits? Why do Western men prefer dating Asian women rather than Western ones? Here are a few fascinating things about Asian ladies that might conquer you too.

Asian Ladies Pale Skin

In the Western world, women appreciate darker, tanned skin tones. Asian ladies, however, cherish their pale skin and avoid exposing to the sun themselves too much. This results in a porcelain-like skin tone that gives Asian women a surreal beauty.

Asian Ladies
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Glossy Black Hair

Another distinctive trait is the jet black, straight hair. So straight that it shines in the light. Matched with the pale skin tone, it makes Asian women look like true angels. Not only Asian girls have shiny black hair; most of them wear it long. A trait appreciated by most Western men.

Narrow Eyes

Undeniably, Asian people in general and women, in particular, are known for their narrow eyes. But despite being narrow, Asian ladies know exactly what it takes to emphasize their beauty. From long eyelashes to discreet makeup, the look of these gorgeous women can melt even the toughest hearts.

Petite Bodies

Western women come in all shapes and sizes. They can be athletic, curvy, slim, fit, and the list could go on and on. Asian ladies, on the other hand, are petite. Indeed, women in Asian countries look very young even if they are in their late 20s or 30s. A thing that attracts many Western men.

Asian Ladies
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Shy Personality of Asian Ladies

Beauty comes and goes, but the most attractive trait in Asian ladies is their unique personality. Unlike their Western peers who usually have very extrovert personalities, Asian women are introvert and discreet. They’re never too loud, and they never try to stand out.

As taught by the Asian culture, they know that speaking too much is often the equivalent of mediocre intelligence.

Due to their introvert personality, these ladies are easier to approach online dating sites, and they are a pleasure to date. They are calm, joyful, and cheerful, but they never try to compete with their men. A thing many Western gents appreciate.

Physical beauty, combined with an amazing personality makes the most attractive traits in Asian ladies. Dating such a woman can be a life-changing experience, but you’ll have to meet your Asian girl somewhere. This is where online dating can help. Sign up to to talk to dozens of gorgeous ladies. Why knows? Maybe one of them is your soul mate.