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5 Ways Your Asian Lady Copes With Stress

Winter has arrived and Christmas is just around the corner, but some people can find this time of the year a little stressful and your Asian lady may be one of them.

Nobody likes to feel stressed and if you do find yourself in that position then knowing how to relieve the pressure is important. Winter and Christmas bring a whole host of things to be happy and excited about, but it can also present additional pressures for people.

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One of the most important things you can do for your Asian lady if she finds herself stressed is to help her through it. This may be through directly helping in some way, or it may be better to simply leave her to deal with the stress in her own way.

Your Asian lady may have several methods for doing this, including the five below which are some of the most common in Asia.


In some parts of Asia, people practice meditation from a fairly young age, helping them to relax and deal with stress. Your Asian lady may well want to do some meditation if she finds life particularly stressful. It will mean she will need some quiet time alone in an environment that is as calm as possible.

Bath or spa

Taking a soak in a bath or visiting a spa is a great way for your Asian lady to deal with stress. Both activities allow her to take some time for herself, relaxing in warm which may often contain some scents of botanical extracts to help with the relaxation process.


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Believe it or not, your Asian lady may turn to reading in an attempt to cope with stress. Reading allows her to lose herself in a story of her choosing, helping her to feel different emotions and immerse herself in a different mental environment than the one she is in. You may find that she seems relaxed and refreshed following reading a book.

Spend time outdoors

Being outdoors is one of the best things you can do for stress. Your Asian lady may well be used to taking long walks in attractive parks and landscapes in Asia, so you should help her do the same if she is living with you. Visiting a local park where it is quiet and there is a lot of vegetation will help, or even a quiet spot in your own back garden/yard which has a feel of zen about it.

Relax with people she loves

Finally, simply spending some downtime with yourself and other friends and family may be all your Asian lady needs to relieve some of the pressure being caused by the stress. Take the time to ask her if this would help, and if so, then make sure you provide an opportunity for her to do this.