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Places in Beijing to go on a date with your Asian bride

Beijing is a vibrant, exciting and fast-paced city that has something to offer every visitor. This fast pace and energetic atmosphere can mean that it feels difficult to find a romantic spot away from the hustle and bright lights. If you are looking for a dream location to go on a date with your Asian bride  in Beijing, here are a few suggestions. These are all places in the city that will ensure your Asian lady has a memorable, romantic and intimate evening with you.

Visit the Forbidden City with your Asian Bride

The Forbidden City was once home to Chinese emperors and your Asian bride will be overwhelmed by the grandeur and beauty of this place. This is the ideal place to visit with your Asian lady if she is interested in history, aesthetics, romance or culture. The former imperial palace is now home to a fascinating museum that stores hundreds of interesting artefacts that are sure to grab the imagination of your Asian beloved. You’ll find yourselves amazed at the opulent surroundings right in the center of the vibrant city.

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Taking Romantic Walks with your Asian lady

Beihai Park is a favorite spot for couples looking to enjoy some fresh air and a gentle stroll whilst catching up with each other. You’ll surely feel relaxed and close meandering through this park and bringing  more gentle pace to your date with your Asian woman.

Asian women will be just as enthralled as you when walking around Beijing as there is always something wonderful to see. Whether you take a slow, romantic stroll through a park or breathe in the energy of the city with a fast paced wander through the center’s streets, you’ll never be lost for things to see and talk about with your Asian bride.

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Have an Evening Drink or Two at Atmosphere Bar

Located on the 80th floor of China World, Atmosphere Bar is the perfect place to take your Asian bride for a drink or two before or after a romantic date. With breathtaking views of the city, an impressive cocktail menu and a cozy, intimate seating you won’t feel harassed or disturbed.

End the Day with the Sunset from the Great Wall

There’s no ending to a date that’s quite as romantic as watching the sunset from Jinshanling wall, which is a part of the Great Wall of China. Your Asian bride will be mesmerized by the view and captivated by your thoughtfulness. This guarantees to make your date the most romantic and memorable with promises that your Asian woman will never forget your efforts.