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Asian Brides: Top 5 Myths

Although there are a lot of Asian brides, there seems to be negative myths that surround them. So if you are interested in marrying an Asian continue below to learn about the most common myths about Asian brides.

Myth 1: Asian brides only marry American men for money or citizenship.

Asian bridesOne of the most common myths about Asian brides is that they only marry American men for money or citizenship. The reality is: of course there are Asian brides who do seek marriage from an American man for money or citizenship, but these Asian brides are few and far between. Most Asian women marry American men because they are in love with them, not because they want to become a rich housewife, or suddenly have the opportunity to become an American citizen via their status as Asian brides.

Myth 2: Marriage with Asian brides won’t last.

There seems to be many stories about Asian brides who were married for a few months or years, then split from their American husbands. But, much like the Asian women who only marry American men for money or citizenship, this is very uncommon. The truth is, many factors play into failed marriages with Asian brides, including:

  • Chemistry
  • Background biographical information
  • Communication
  • Loyalty/honesty

Many brides, not only Asian brides, get married to a man, and soon realize that they are unhappy and that the relationship will not work. Quickly ending marriages happen to everyone, not just Asian brides.

Myth 3: It costs a lot of money to find and maintain Asian brides.

Another common myth about Asian brides is that they are high-maintenance. Although it does cost a large sum of money to keep an online dating profile and date Asian singles until you find potential Asian brides, it costs around the same price to have an online dating profile to find women other than Asian brides. Another myth is that most Asian brides are “gold diggers” who require a lot of money to be happy. Like all the other myths in this article about Asian brides, this is untrue. In fact, Asian girls are some of the most low-maintenance and grateful brides out there. They are usually quite frugal, so Asian brides won’t expect you to shower them with money and gifts.

Myth 4: Asian brides are extremely traditional.

Yet another myth about Asian brides is that they are extremely traditional. While Asian women usually grow up in a traditional household, with traditional Chinese values and culture, most of the time they don’t strictly adhere to tradition. Asian brides realize that their traditional values are not always the best option for modern time and culture. That being said, how Asian brides were raised is not necessarily how they will want to approach your marriage or raise your children. However, do not expect Asian brides to lose all sight of traditional Chinese culture. Asian brides very commonly draw inspiration from traditional Chinese customs and alter them to the modern way of life.

Myth 5: You won’t be able to understand the language or culture of Asian brides.

Asian bridesThe final popular myth about Asian brides is that they do not understand your language and culture, and vice versa. Firstly, it is important to note that language can be a barrier, but if you are interested in Asian dating, you most likely have strong communication skills, encouraging mutual understanding between you and potential Asian brides. Of course, some Asian girls can fluently speak their native language, but most can Asian brides also fluently speak English. Much like the myth about language, many people believe that Asian brides will not be able to understand American culture, and you won’t be able to understand the culture of Asian brides. This is false. While American and Asian cultures are extremely different, you can definitely learn to understand the basics of her culture, and so can Asian brides. Even if you don’t know or understand everything about Asian brides and their culture, making an effort and learning about the fundamentals is impressive and will create a stronger bond. Also, it is important to remember, that if Asian brides agree to marry you, they already accept and embrace your different native language and culture.