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Why is Asian dating a perfect choice for a Western man?

Asian dating is extremely popular for western men, and there are many reasons why; morals, values, traditions, and of course, the way that Asian women look in comparison to western women.

Whilst both western women and Asian women are as beautiful as each other, with both each having their own characteristics that make them stand out and look nice, Asian women who enjoy offering themselves for Asian dating have a truly unique and distinguished look that leaves the men dating them in no doubt of their cultural heritage or race.

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How Asian women look

One of the first things that western men notice about Asian women is their physique; they are naturally smaller than western women and have petite frames that tend to be very slim and slender; for a western man, this can symbolize femininity and they prefer the smaller frame of Asian ladies, to the larger frames that many western women have.

As well as a petite figure, Asian women also have a different skin tone, as well as beautiful eyes and flowing, thick, glossy black hair that looks shiny and healthy; their hair and skin tone is a big attraction for men to Asian dating, as they look healthy, beautiful and very unique compared to other women.

How Asian women treat their men

On the whole, Asian women are a lot more traditional than western women and they still do things that are often seen as a little old-fashioned when it comes to western traditions. When western men opt to go for Asian dating, they enjoy the aspect of being treated well by their women and know that they can enjoy being treated like a king by Asian ladies. A western husband will very rarely have to do things like housework, cooking, cleaning, or looking after the children; instead, Asian women take the position of looking after these things, whilst the man goes out to work and bring in the money to look after his home, wife, and children. Asian women are brought up to respect their husbands and get the same respect back in return and enjoy being the homemaker who is, in turn, looked after by her husband financially.

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This is not a role that is sexist towards the woman, it is a role that meets in the middle, with the male and female each taking on a different role in order to add something to the household and create a harmonious way to live.

The fun aspect

Many Asian women come from a more suppressed society than that of Western Europe, so they are a lot more open-minded when it comes to having some fun, and tend to be able to take themselves less seriously than western women because they haven’t had the chance to do so growing up.

A very typical quality of Asian men is to work and dedicate their lives to business; western men often have a happy medium between working and living, and want their Asian wife or Asian girlfriend to also enjoy a bit of fun in their lives; they won’t be expected to not enjoy the fun side of life.


Many Asian women are brought up to be faithful and monogamous in a relationship – they won’t stray from their man and will remain with them, and only them, for the duration of their lives.