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4 Myths About Asian Girls

Would you love to date an Asian girl? Well, before you meet up with an attractive lady of Asian descent, you must know that there are lots of misconceptions about Asian girls that are far from reality.

They’re Easy to Get

One of the myths about Asian women is that they are very easy to achieve. This may have been brought about by stories of Western soldiers returning from conflicts in Asia saying they had a good time with Asian women. The truth is that Asian women are more conservative than those born and raised in Western countries. Asian girls today have the same conservative mindset that their parents and grandparents used to have.

Asian Girls

Asian ladies keep to their traditions but they don’t want to lose job prospects!

They Can Only Be Housewives

You may just be looking for a date now, but you may also think that an Asian woman would make a perfect wife. This means she’ll take care of you, cook dishes, clean the house, and basically be the perfect partner you’ve long wanted. It’s true to some extent but the new generation of Asian women is a bit different from what you may have been imagining. They don’t want to leave work just to stay at home and serve you every time you come home as they’re in most cases educated, tech-savvy, and career-oriented nowadays. So it’s a real treasure to find a woman combining a family and a career, and Asian women are exactly that type, don’t you think?

They’re Sweet and Submissive

Another misconception you may have heard before is that Asian women are sweet, innocent and submissive. They’re the type of girls you would want to get married because you think they’re agreeable and yielding. Where did this myth come from? It could be due to the petite physique of Asian women, or their soft facial features. It may even also be brought about by their loyal and peaceful behavior. On the contrary, Asian women these days are assertive. Perhaps due to them having achieved a higher level of education, Asian girls have an active life position and stand up for themselves whenever they need to.

They Like Rich Guys

Asian women are perceived to be opportunists who would hook up with a rich man just to get a shot at a better life. They’re similar to western women in this sense. Since a lot of Asian women today are well-rounded, well-travelled, independent and focused on a career, that perception has long been shattered.

So put all the prejudices and stereotypes out of your head, life is given only once. Hurry up and start searching for your special one.