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New Year in the West: Traditions unfamiliar to Asian ladies

In most parts of the Western world, New Year brings about the biggest party and celebration of the year, but much of it will be new to Asian ladies.

New Year is celebrated differently over the world, sometimes even on a different date. In the West, New Year is celebrated at midnight on December, 31 and will usually involve celebratory parties and events.

For Asian ladies, this could be quite a new experience. In China, for instance, New Year is celebrated in accordance with the Lunar Calendar, meaning it falls in January for those in the West. Traditions associated with Chinese New Year are also different.

Here’s a few of the traditions from New Year in the West that Asian ladies may be unfamiliar with.

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Landmark celebrations

Wherever you celebrate New Year, if you’re in a Western country then the celebration will reach its peak at midnight on 31st December. Depending on where you are, the celebrations may differ slightly. For example, if you’re in a major landmark then a signature or trademark event will signal in the New Year. In Times Square in New York, this is the dropping of a giant ball. In other major cities, spectacular firework displays, music concerts and laser light shows will usher in the start of the New Year.

Impress Asian ladies with street parties

Another popular event in many parts of the Western world is street parties. While the party won’t take place outdoors all night, shortly before midnight neighbors will meet in the street and celebrate the New Year with each other. Party poppers – a small, hand-held popping explosive which throws out colored paper – and champagne will be in plentiful supply.

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Local food and buffets

Another significant difference in how Asian ladies will experience New Year in the West is the food. Parties will almost always include some sort of food and party goers may also bring their own dishes to share with friends and family. Everything from local delicacies through to international buffets will be served up. In Scotland, for example, Haggis will often be served as part of the much-loved dish ‘neeps and tatties’, whereas elsewhere a selection of smaller food items will be set out for a buffet-style meal.

Champagne, champagne, and more champagne

The most popular drink at New Year in the Western world is undoubtedly champagne. This white, sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France has become synonymous with success and celebration, both of which are important at New Year. So whether it’s drinks upon arrival or something to toast at midnight, Asian ladies will notice champagne in plentiful supply.