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Asian wife and Western wife: what’s the difference?

There are lots of differences between choosing an Asian wife and a Western wife because despite being westernized Asian girls can be very different from Western women. Asian dating is different in terms of elements of lifestyle, language, relationships and marriage.


Asian Wife

Asian girls are petite in appearance and strong by nature!

Ladies from Asia are different in appearance, and as a generalisation Asian women tend to be petite and beautiful. Asian girls don’t just have physical beauty though, they are beautiful through and through.

Relation to family

Most Asian girls tend to have a different ethos relating to their family than most other women, they always respect their parents and will look after their elderly relations as opposed to placing them in homes or letting others take care of them. If you choose an Asian wife you’ll understand the bond that family has with them, parents take care of their children throughout their lives so when they get older children take care of their parents.

Asian ladies are incredibly family oriented and see the family and other relationship bonds as being the most important things in their lives. Unlike Western girls who may move away from their family or not spend very much time with them Asian girls like to spend time with their families and a lot of women live with or very close to their families.

Relation to marriage and children

Within Asian dating when looking for a partnership most Asian ladies want to settle down and have a family and within the Asian culture divorces are very uncommon so if a woman chooses to marry you then she’s ready to settle down for life. Choosing an Asian wife is a lifelong full-time commitment so the women will always work on any problems you may have rather than running away from them, and Asian ladies will sacrifice themselves for both their husband and their children as they are seen as their top priorities.

Asian wife

An Asian wife can combine family and career!

If you choose to have an Asian wife then you’ll realise that although they are independent and intelligent women they like to rely on their partners. They aren’t the kind of women who will go out and make a massive decision without discussing it with their partner first because they value their opinion. Asian dating can be incredibly rewarding as the pair of you will feel like a unit rather than two separate people. In contrast a lot of western women do not like relying on their partners and choose to make a lot of decisions independently.

House keeping

Generally speaking, Asian girls make the best housewives as a lot of them are brought up to help with the cooking and housework from a very young age, and they are very house proud. If you marry an Asian lady be prepared for beautiful home, cooked food regularly and a house you’ll be proud to show off. And don’t even worry if they choose to work part or full time because Asian women know how to prioritise tasks and keep a well run house and work, they aren’t afraid of hard work.

Asian ladies can get a bad reputation as being out to make money or get quick access to a different country but this is not the case with the women on our site. It is a known fact that there are far more women than men in Asia so a lot of women are not able to find husbands and settle down to create the family unit that they crave for. Women like those on our site are registered because they find western men attractive and are open to forming a relationship with one. Have a search and you might even find yourself an Asian wife.