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Christmas in Asia: do Asian women follow European traditions of Christmas celebration?

Throughout Asia, many families will take Christmas as an opportunity to enjoy some relaxing time together and although many Western traditions are enjoyed, the event is not as large as it is in predominantly Christian countries. Asian women are most likely to take part in Christmas traditions if they work in industries that require it, if their family is Christian or if they have a more Westernized way of living.

International holiday

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There are a number of religious differences throughout Asia and Asian women may hold beliefs that are not Christian, yet still, observe Christmas in some way. Many Western cultures and traditions have been fed into Asian by missionaries and some Christmas celebrations will occasionally mirror Western festivities. No matter what Asian women believe, Christmas becomes an encompassing event thanks to the retail focus and so, much like the West, Asian ladies are sure to recognize the season thanks to the shops and malls nearby.


As with Christmas celebrations throughout the world, food plays a key role in Asian celebrations and Asian singles are likely to spend a long time preparing and cooking for their family. Other than a few countries in Asia, Christmas is most often observed in a secular way. Instead, the emphasis of celebrations is on family and this means that Asian women will spend time decorating the home, giving gifts and spending time with those closest to them. Asian women are very likely to celebrate Christmas in the same way as Western people, but with less emphasis on the vent being related to the birth of Jesus.

Christmas at work

Some large companies throughout Asia will also become involved in Christmas celebrations and so Asian women may observe the event at work. They may be given time off, host a party for colleagues or share gifts in the workplace. For corporate businesses who trade globally, Christmas is observed by way of sharing the event internationally and so Asian women are regularly given extended leave or asked to share greetings with customers and clients by way of respect.

Gift giving

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With a huge focus on Christmas by Asian retailers, gift giving is a pivotal part of observations throughout Asia. Asian women will share presents with their family and closest friends and much like Western traditions, children may make lists of what they hope to receive. Santa Claus is a regular visitor to Asia and Asian women are likely to encourage his visit and help him prepare to surprise the children and community.

Talk to Asian women about Christmas and explain how you celebrate and enjoy exploring the differences and similarities that you have. Christmas is an excellent time to use your online dating site’s gift sharing tool if it has one and surprise Asian women with a present that is typically traditional and festive.