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Beauty secrets of Asian women

Beauty secrets of Asian women

Have you ever wondered why Asian women are so beautiful?  Well, it’s certainly not down to chance. Here are some of the top beauty secrets of Asian women.

Asian women drink and eat well

While this may seem simple, there are quite a few staple items in the diets of Asian ladies that help make their skin so soft, radiant and beautiful.  It’s widely known that being well-hydrated and eating lots of fruit and vegetables can help skin condition, but Chinese women will also try to drink tea, and not just any old tea.

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Specific herbs can be put in hot water to make a great herbal tea, and while it may not taste great, they can be incredibly good for you and your skin. More widely available in the western world is green tea, which is also packed full of antioxidants that can help improve skin condition.

They apply tropical herbs

It’s a little-known beauty secret this one, but another very traditional and natural way that Asian women will keep their skin looking in great health. Herbs are very important in Chinese medicine, and for many years Chinese women have applied them directly onto their skin to take advantage of the natural properties that can benefit them.

Herbs such as Bei Q, Huang Qi and Goji is known to help in a variety of ways, including revitalizing aging skin, improving skin clarity and defending against skin aging. You will be able to get hold of many of these herbs anywhere in the western world from traditional Chinese chemists, for example.

Women in Asia use alcohol-free skin care products

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Simply washing and moisturizing your face is not going to cut it if you want radiant skin like Asian women have. Instead, consider cleansing your skin with oil – this can also be great for conditions such as acne. Ditch your chemical-laden skin cleansers and toners, and opt for natural oils and alcohol-free products. An alcohol-free toner will help balance the Ph of your skin also helps prepare it for essences, serums, moisturizers, and finishers. Products with alcohol make the skin of Asian ladies incredibly clean but also dry, while one without alcohol leaves the skin much softer and more natural looking.

Asian ladies enjoy massage

While many people associate having a massage as feeling good, Asian women have used massage to help with their body and skin tone for many years. Not only does it help with their reflexology, but a correctly done massage can also help improve blood supply to the skin and both relax and detox the entire body.  A relaxed body is only ever going to be good for your health.

They do skin brushing

Western countries have slowly began to latch on to the process of skin brushing in recent years, but it’s very much a beauty secret that Asian women have been using for centuries.  By brushing their faces, and hands/arms with a dry, soft-bristled brush, they remove any dead skin, keeps the skin smooth and helps prepare for the other products that will be applied.

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