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How To Celebrate Your Anniversary When You’re Dating Online

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Just because you’re dating someone online that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate any significant milestones. These days technology means that when dating online you can feel a strong connection with someone. We’re able to video chat, swap photos, share our thoughts and feelengs in chat and generally let someone into all aspects of our lives – so why shouldn’t you celebrate important milestones such as anniversaries?

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Arrange a Virtual Date Night

Virtual date night is the perfect way to spend time together when it comes to celebrating your anniversary. The way that you spend your time depends on what you are both into but certainly getting dressed up and video chatting is a good way to celebrate. You could even both cook or order in a nice dinner and spend the special night together. Think about all of the ways you might like to spend date night with someone you are in a relationship with and look at how these can convert to virtual options – you’ll be surprised at just how many of them work out!

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Why Not Send Gifts?

Sending gifts can be a really nice touch and it lets the person you are dating know that you really care about them. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant – as sometimes it is the smaller, more thoughtful gifts that mean the most. For example, you could order flower delivery for them with a self-written poem attached as a note. Don’t worry – a bouquet of their favorite flowers and a heartfelt poem from you is bound to be something that the person you are dating online really appreciates.

Make Plan To Meet

If you’re looking to step things up and meet in the future, you could use your anniversary to discuss plans and how this could work. It doesn’t have to be anything you have to rush into actually planning but excitedly talking through ideas of how and when to meet is a great way to show how far your relationship has come and how much you want it to progress in the future.

The truth is that there are no right and wrong ways to celebrate your anniversary when you’re dating online. Every relationship is individual and as such, think about what you and your partner will enjoy the most and set about arranging this.