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Chinese dating then and now

Chinese dating may mirror western dating in many ways, but with Chinese culture being so focused on heritage and history, you may well find that traditions form part of your courting efforts. Chinese women will likely have expectations relating to their dating experiences based on the interactions of the women in their family and social circles and so you may find that you need to draw on Chinese culture more than expected in order to meet and surpass your Chinese lady’s hopes.

In order to ensure that your experience in dating Chinese singles is as fulfilling and romantic as possible, here are some considerations to make in order to ensure that you understand how Chinese dating worked before and what to expect now.

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Acknowledge that Online Dating Sites are Popular Now

It’s likely that the Chinese singles that you meet online will have parents who met in much more traditional ways. Their parents may have met through friends or may have even had a type of arranged marriage whereby their families introduced them as they thought they would be a good match. It may be that your Chinese lady has family who expected her to meet a Chinese man in the same way, but don’t be shy of online dating sites and never worry that Chinese families will think this is a distasteful way to meet.

Online dating sites are the perfect way for western men to date Chinese women and this method of couples meeting is becoming increasingly popular. You’re likely to find that Chinese singles will choose to sign up to a dating site because they know so many success stories within their own social circles and so you need not worry that this modern way of meeting is frowned upon.

Research the Six Etiquettes

The six etiquettes are traditions that relate to dating in China and are still observed by many new couples. The etiquettes include: the proposal, dates of birth for each person, wedding date, giving of gifts, giving pof betrothal and the wedding ceremony.

Although these etiquettes may be for more established couples, it is important that you understand them as it is likely that these traditions will be a focal point for your Chinese lady when she is considering potential partners. It may mean that a person close to Chinese girls acts as a matchmaker from the earliest stages of your dating and they may well act as counsel to your Chinese bride throughout your courtship, this figure is known as  a m?i ren.

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Recognise the Importance of Family Connections

When you date Chinese women, you must be aware that one factor of great importance has not changed and that is how vital it is that you respect your Chinese lady’s connection to her family. When you choose to date Chinese women, it is vital that you are prepared to build a relationship with her family in order to strengthen your partnership with her. Just as her parents did before her, and theirs before them, family connections will be of utmost importance in your dating journeyю

Embrace Your Cultural differences

Gone are the days when a Chinese woman would be destined to marry a Chinese man and live in China for the rest of their lives. Now, it is not unusual for couples to be of mixed nationalities or race and to even have homes in China and elsewhere in the world. You may well find that older, traditional couples enjoy this evolution in Chinese dating and will share the cultural fascination. China is a forward thinking country and though it maintains several traditions, it is also very welcoming of new developments.