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Chinese ladies from Beijing – why do they love their city?

Chinese brides from Beijing – why do they love their city

Just because Asian women sign up to start international dating it doesn’t mean that they hate where they come from, it just means that they haven’t found the right man for them. Chinese ladies tend to search for Western men because there are a lot more females than men in the country so finding the perfect one and him being single can be tough.

Cultural sights

Chinese ladies from Beijing love their city because it is hailed as the cultural mecca of China and Asian women are very proud of their heritage and culture. Within the city, there are countless treasures and historical sites and it makes Chinese ladies love the city. As either a resident or a tourist you can spend a long time exploring the city without getting bored which is a reason that Chinese ladies and most Asian women love the city.

The great wall

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The best-preserved parts of the great wall are located just outside of Beijing and as Chinese ladies are so proud of their heritage this is a great place to go and visit. The defensive wall which dates back to the 7th century covers 5,500 miles of the country but Asian women love the views from Beijing.


The food is another thing which Chinese ladies love about Beijing as undisputedly the best Peking Duck comes from the city as Beijing, formerly Peking was there the dish was invented. If you’re heading over to the city to visit Asian women then make sure you try some of the dishes as you won’t be disappointed.


Chinese ladies and most Asian women like to take care of themselves and remain healthy and in Beijing, cycling is a huge part of the everyday life as it’s a good way to try and avoid the smog and weave through the congested city. Thankfully Chinese ladies can stay safe as it’s a very bike friendly city, much more so than Western cities such as London.

Childhood memories

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Another reason Chinese ladies tend to love Beijing is because it’s either the city where they grew up so their childhood memories and family surround them in the city, or it may have been where Asian women went to university or sought further education. As a city with a lot of students, thousands of beautiful Asian women spend time in Beijing for education so there’s a lot of love for where they spent a part of their youth.

Being from a large vibrant city most Chinese ladies love where they are from, it’s full of hope and freedom but the one thing which it is missing is a man to complete her life. Most Asian women are quite traditional in that they want to settle down with a partner and have a loving family so for some looking abroad is the best option as they find Western men attractive and there’s a lot more choice than the men at home.