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Singles’ Day in China: how do Chinese ladies celebrate it?

On November, 11 this year, Chinese ladies will celebrate Singles’ Day. But just how do they celebrate this special day?

Young Chinese ladies celebrate Singles’ Day to acknowledge their pride in being just that – single. It’s highly unlikely that they want to be single forever, but it is an acknowledgement that they do not feel socially pressured into being in a relationship and are strong and independent enough to enjoy life as a single.

The event has also grown in recent years to see some couples actually use the day to celebrate their relationship, though it does retain more of a focus on a celebration for single women.

So, how do Chinese ladies celebrate this event?

Chinese ladies

Are you single? Text me please!


Singles’ Day is a huge event for commerce in China, with an estimated $44.5 billion dollars spent around the festival every single year. Chinese ladies will buy gifts for themselves and each other, while single men and women will also buy gifts for fellow singles who they may wish to begin dating.

Often, Singles’ Day will herald a nine-day shopping event for some of the biggest retailers in the country, with special offers and promotions running throughout that period.

Blind Date parties

Singles will use the festival as a way of meeting new people and potential partners. One particularly popular pastime is ‘blind date parties’. These are held at many types of places, from friend’s houses to bars and clubs and allow men and women to go on blind dates in hope of meeting someone special.

Chinese ladies

Would you spend Singles’ Day with me?

Singles’ parties

More broadly speaking, Singles’ Day is very popular for Chinese ladies and men who just want to go out and party. Singles’ parties take place all over the country with men and women who are looking for love attending to have a good time and see if they can find any potential partners.

As well as bars and clubs, universities will now also run singles’ parties to help those who are on their own have a good time and enjoy themselves in the company of other singles.

Online dating

As online dating has grown in popularity, so has spending time on Singles Day looking for love online. It makes perfect sense for Chinese ladies to use this day as the perfect opportunity to find the man of their dreams, so make sure you’re online and on the right website to find these ladies before someone else does!