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Chinese Marriage: 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make

Interracial Chinese marriage takes a special kind of love between spouses to keep the relationship strong. Many guys from western countries, particularly the US, who married Chinese women may find it difficult to make the marriage work because of the wide cultural disparity between China and the West. This is not to say that you should never fall for a Chinese woman. If you’re open to learning new traditions and customs, then you will definitely have a great time being married to a Chinese wife for the rest of your life.

Chinese marriage
Rui from China

Before you ask your Chinese lady to marry you, you need to think about the things that can pose some problems to your relationship. By doing so, you will be prepared on what to do and nip the troubles in the bud before they complicate your married life. Here are the biggest mistakes that can hound your marriage.

Cutting Her Off From Her Own Family

Even if they are living in a foreign land, the Chinese remain connected and loyal to their family back in their homeland. Don’t be jealous about this. Your Chinese wife loves you and will put you on top of her priority list. But you must understand that she will need to get in touch with her family in China every now and then. Cutting her off from her roots will only put a strain on your Chinese marriage. Better yet, you might as well get to know her family. You’ll be part of a big clan and learn new things in life, too.

Making Fun of Her Cultural Heritage

Chinese folks are steeped in traditions. Your wife will no doubt bring some of these traditions into your Chinese marriage. One example is Feng Shui, a Chinese practice of ensuring harmony in the surroundings to influence one’s luck. It’s likely that your wife will rearrange your furniture or your home’s entire floor plan to improve your fortune. Of course, this philosophy doesn’t make sense to most western guys. Just don’t laugh at her. Making fun of Chinese practices can be the start of misunderstandings.

Being Lazy in Chinese Marriage

Chinese women have a very strong work mentality. This mindset is prevalent not just in China but in most Asian countries. If you really want to impress your wife and make your Chinese marriage strong, you need to adopt the same philosophy and be responsible. No, you don’t have to do your own laundry. You just have to show her that you are dedicated to your career and working for a bright future. In return, your wife will give you her full support and treat you like an emperor.

Being Too Pushy

Chinese ladies have been trained to respect their husbands. This respect often comes in the form of being too shy even when speaking to their men. Unfortunately, for many western men, this can be interpreted as something offensive. Well, don’t be. Think of your Chinese marriage as a delicate lotus flower. You need time and patience to let your wife’s true beauty and attitude come out. Your being too domineering will only hurt her emotions.

Failing to Commit to your Chinese Marriage

Cheating is a mortal sin for a Chinese woman. Unlike some western women, a Chinese woman abhors casual relationships or flings. Once she finds her man, she can be expected to be loyal to him before and during their marriage. If relationships are just a game for you or you want to have flings, then your Chinese marriage will definitely fail.