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Cities in China to visit with your Asian woman

If you’re looking to take your Asian woman somewhere special for a romantic weekend, then Chinese cities offer an amazing choice of destinations.

From the modern and thriving downtown metropolises of Shanghai and Beijing to the more rural and serene areas of Anhui and Guilin. China truly is a country in which you can find just about everything, and organising that perfect weekend for your Asian woman couldn’t be easier.

Check out our top five cities in China to visit with your Asian woman.

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Shanghai is a city of contrasts and one of the most fascinating cities in the world. While there is a heavy presence of industry and offices, there are also many areas of the city which offer an ideal place to spend time with your Asian woman.

One such place is the Bund, an area of genuine architectural beauty and interest. The collection of colonial-era buildings provide perhaps the most romantic backdrop to this incredible city, while also hosting stunning views across the Huangpu River on to the skyline of Pudong.

There are restaurants and bars to suit just about every taste, and the promenade along the side of the river is the ideal way of spending some quality time hand-in-hand as the night draws to a close. With so many other things to do in the city as well, Shanghai has it all.


The second place on our list is also a big city, but it’s not short on romance. Again, like Shanghai, it offers a genuine mix of new versus old, allowing you to enjoy so many different things at whatever pace you most enjoy.

One of the real secret gems in terms of a romantic feel is an area called Beijing Hutongs. The Hutongs is a historic area but is essentially a series of alleyways lined with courtyards and houses. There is no better way of seeing it than jumping in a rickshaw and being whisked around the area.


Guilin is a city located in southern China, and while it may not be the most well-known for foreigners, certainly within China it’s well-known for its beautiful and dramatic landscape. Central to the city are two large lakes, surrounded by some greenery and with some spectacular hills.

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The lakes are the leftover signs of a medieval moat that once surrounded the entire city, but today they are connected through a series of rivers. Why not jump in a boat and take a cruise around these waterways while you lose yourself in the company of your Asian woman, wowed by the surroundings.


So, Anhui is a province is rather than a city, with Shanghai perhaps its nearest major city. However, we have to include it on this list for its natural beauty and romance. It’s also home to Mount Huangshan, arguably the most famous mountain in all of China.

Amazing vistas of trees and oddly-shaped rocks give the area a real intrigue, and spending time enjoying the region with your Asian woman will certainly create romance.


The final city on our list is another which isn’t too well-known outside of China, but is most definitely a destination high on romance. With breath-takingly modern horizon, the city also homes some genuine Chinese history and areas of interest.

In terms of romance, your Asian woman will love a visit with you to West Lake. It’s been celebrates by writers, artists and poets since the 9th century and has dazzling gardens, temples and pavilions throughout. It’s unforgettable.