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Common Misconceptions About Asian Dating Sites

Dating is never easy and a lot of people are turning to online dating; however, there are many misconceptions that come with online dating, especially Asian online dating sites.  Single Asian girls are turning to online dating for a multitude of reasons.  Asian dating is difficult enough, but when you add the factor of dating online, it can get tricky and there are a lot of misconceptions associated with Asian online dating sites.  Read on to find out more about these misconceptions.

asian dating sitesAll Asian women dating online are only after money

 There is a big misconception around the idea that Asian girls turn to online dating with the goal of securing a man for his money, but this is a myth.  Sure, there are some Asian ladies out there that are gold diggers, but we need to remember to not generalize.  It’s a lot like saying that all guys on dating sites are looking for a booty call.  There are plenty of great Asian online dating sites whose goal is to find good matches for single Asian women.

Asian girls are after a green card

 This myth is one that is greatly circulated among the western world and couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Asian dating sites are not full of beautiful Asian women just looking for a green card.  It’s true that there may be some, but that does not mean all of them are seeking a way out of the country they were born and raised in.  There are tons of single, sweet, and cute Asian girls that are looking for love and a life partner.  In fact, many international marriages are more successful overall than other marriages.

Asian dating sites are all scams

Just like any other form of business there are people who take advantage of others because they can, but that does not mean that Asian dating sites are all scams.  Just make sure that you deal with reputable Asian dating sites like

asian dating siteIf you are on an Asian dating site you are probably desperate

This is a flat out myth.  By turning to an Asian dating sites it does not mean that you are desperate for a relationship.  All it means is that you are widening your net to see who else is out there without spending tons of money on dates and you’ll be able to get a feel for their personality fairly easily.

It is nearly impossible to fall in love with someone so far away

This misconception is widely spread throughout the western world and gives the idea that a long term online relationship cannot lead to love.  This is untrue and you can develop feelings for an Asian woman in another country if both of you share a deep understanding.  Make sure that you communicate with one another on a regular basis so that it feels as if you are spending a lot of time with one another.

Only poor Asian women turn to online Asian dating sites

This misconception is a big one that again is largely circulated throughout the United States and Europe.  In fact many Chinese women on Asian dating sites come from well bred families and are educated with excellent jobs.  They are merely looking for a good partner in life that will be a romantic partner and support system.  Asian women of all types are turning to online dating as a way to increase their options and widen their dating nets just like women in any other region of the world.

Do not discount Asian dating sites just because of something you heard or think you know. Just like with any other dating site do your research and find the one that suits your needs the best. For example, has an impressive ladies database and excellent service that will definitely help you to find your special one.