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Compliments your Asian lady wants to hear from you most of all

Compliments your Asian lady wants to hear from you most of all

If you meet an Asian lady chances are you’ll have been chatting online for a while before and you’ll have seen photographs of her, perhaps even spoken to her or seen her on video. When you first meet Asian ladies chances are they’re going to look slightly different from their images as it’s hard to fully show how a person looks, even if it’s down to their mannerisms.

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Pay genuine compliments

When you go on a date with an Asian lady, or anyone for that matter, compliments are always a good way to making sure the lady knows you like her and find her attractive. Whether you’re still dating or she’s become your Asian wife, woman always love to hear a compliment, but only when they’re genuine. If a woman becomes your Asian wife then they’ll know when you’re giving a compliment for compliments sake and when it’s genuine.

Tell her she looks beautiful

An Asian lady always like to hear the compliment of ‘You look beautiful’ especially when you’re going out on dates because chances are she will have made a big effort and put a lot of time and thought into her outfit and the way that she looks. Asian women will be a little conscious of the way they look when you first start dating until they become comfortable with you so knowing that you think they look beautiful is a huge confidence boost for any Asian lady.

Say that you love her smile

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Tell your Asian lady that you love her smile as it’s always a great compliment to give. Some women feel self-conscious about the way they smile or don’t do it very often but if you told an Asian lady this chances are she will start doing it a lot more because she knows it also makes you smile. Sometimes the nicest compliments can be the simplest ones.

Compliment on her cooking skills

Compliments aren’t always down to looks, although they are the most common, but your Asian wife will love to be complimented on her cooking skills. Most mail Asian ladies are house proud women and cooking tends to be something that they love, many recipes having been passed down through generations. When an Asian lady hears that you love her food and cooking it will make her very happy.

Compliment on her outfit

Compliments which concern her tastes such as clothing and things to do are always a nice boost for Asian women. By telling an Asian lady that you like her outfit, that she’s made a great choice for your dinner out or that you couldn’t have done a better job yourself, is a great way to compliment her. Chances are your Asian wife takes a lot of care in her appearance and clothing is a great way to show personality so a compliment here is always well received. If you compliment Asian ladies on their choice of restaurant/ thing to do etc she’ll know that you appreciate the effort she has put in.