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Chinese cooking traditions: the way to impress your Asian lady

Chinese cooking traditions: the way to impress your Asian lady

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his belly, but the roles of men and women are changing throughout the world and it’s no longer the ladies that are expected to do all of the cooking. Instead, more and more men are exploring their culinary skills and impressing women in their lives with everything from basic snacks through to lavish dinner parties. If you want to impress your Asian lady, one of the simplest ways to do this is through embracing Chinese cooking traditions and trying your hand at preparing some international cuisine.

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It may not be possible for your Asian lady to try the foods that you prepare all of the time, but whether you show her finished dishes, photos or eat something you cooked yourself while you’re using online video chat, your cooking skills will open up conversational topics and show your Asian lady the level of effort that you’ll invest to impress her. Some of the most popular Chinese cooking traditions that you could try include:

Usage of Multiple Flavours

Chinese cooking is known for its variety and memorable flavours and no two dishes taste the same. Impress your Asian lady by making use of multiple flavours and discussing whether she has any tips. Use online video chat to show ingredients and she may help you tailor your dishes to suit your taste or enhance the authenticity of the meal.

Usage of Fresh Foods

Your Asian lady will expect your ingredients to be fresh as tinned and frozen products are rarely used in Asia. When you show your Asian lady the meals that you have prepared, she will be enthusiastic to hear how well you have handled new and fresh ingredients. This will also open up conversational topics about the area in which Asian foods are grown.

Making Many Dishes for Your Asian lady

The way to improve your abilities is through practice and so plan to make several dishes (not all at once) and discuss with your Asian woman the types of food that she enjoys. Show your attentive side by cooking her favourite meal. Consider making noodle dishes, rice varieties, sauces that include bones (your Asian bride will be quick to tell you that waste is not good), steamed fish, dumplings.

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Superstitious Connotations to Know from Your Asian Lady

Our Chinese lady will help you understand the superstitious meanings that are attached to several foods in China and will be pleased to hear what you have learnt about certain dishes. Superstition can relate to the shape, colour, festival and pronunciation of a food and this is sure to provide an excellent basis for discussing each other’s beliefs. Some considerations may be rounded mooncakes which are connected to the reunion of the family in Autumn or candies which can represent wealth and inclusion in ‘the sweet life’.

Fortune Cookies

These funny sweet treats are a fabulous way for you to add some romance into your culinary show. Whether you try your hand at baking the cookies or buy pre-made examples, add personalised fortunes to the inside and surprise your Asian lady with a romantic message or affectionate note.